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February 17, 2011 - IWasSoldGarbage

Target Pooped on Me

I will never step foot into a Target store again.  Dramatic, I know.  And I believe you’ll think twice about it too after you read this account:

First, let’s begin at the beginning:  My BF (sweet, lovely man that he is) bought me a video game for Valentine’s day.  It was a lovely game, but a fighting game.  And, as I don’t really care for fighting games, he said that I could return it and get exactly what I wanted instead.  So, I took myself after my morning shift on Feb 16th,  to the Target store on 48th and Ray road in Ahwatukee (Phx.), AZ.  I returned the video game for a gift card without a problem, walked over to the electronics counter and waited for the woman working there, a very kind looking older woman, to help me.  We talked briefly about which reader device would support downloads from the library.  I had no idea.   She retrieved the game, I paid with the gift card and had other items I paid cash for and was off.

I ate lunch out, got home and relaxed for a few minutes. At 2pm (I remember because I had to be to work at 3pm and I had 45 minutes to play my new game!!) I retrieved the game.  With titillation and excitement I used a key to slice open the cellophane (oh joy).  I peeled back the “security” sticker (oh rapture!) and opened the box (a new game!! eeeeee!).  What I found, however, was not a one way ticket to Mario town, but a strange looking disk.  I put it into my Wii, only to have it quite politely inform me that it couldn’t read the disk.  I put it in the other way.  Surely, just inserted the wrong way!  Nope.  A closer inspection of the items in the video game box revealed the problem.  The Mario disk was replaced with a Bleach DVD.  I only know what that is because of Adult Swim, but have never seen an episode and certainly (until today) have never owned a copy (let alone a $50 copy!).  The booklet was for another video game Super Mario Wii, while my game was Super Mario Galaxy 2.  Huh?  What am I missing here.

So, with receipt, cellophane, “security” sticker, and disk in hand I returned to Target.  I plopped the disk down on the returns counter and started in, “Yeah It’s not what I bought… blah blah blah… I thought I had it in backwards… blah blah blah… what is ‘Bleach’…. blah blah blah?”  The young man was nice enough, seemed interested and at least willing to help.  He took it to the loss prevention “security” guy who was reviewing the video of me purchasing the game.  Time elapses.  More time elapses.  I was standing there for at least 15 minutes before he came over to speak with me.  I explained again.  He basically told me that there was “Zero chance” that what I had purchased came from “his” store, making a circle with his fingers that he held up to his eye “zero”.   I am paraphrasing here, but believe I am fairly accurate: “They never put returned DVD’s, CD’s, or video games back on the shelf.”  I said, “but you saw me… this was today… but it DID come from your store.”  He said something to the effect of “if this is how you bought it it wasn’t our store’s fault…. this is the whole reason I have a job…we keep these under lock and key… this isn’t what we sold you… (and)… you’ll have to take it up with Nintendo”  I kept the best composure that I could under the circumstances, asked him if “this is the bar code that was scanned?”  It didn’t matter.

He didn’t look at the packaging or give me any room explain.  His answer was formulated the minute the issue came to his be-soul patched attention.  Some twenty-something girl is trying to get one over on Target (and in his mind, him). He wasn’t going to stand for it.  Never mind that the packaging is visibly worn, and has junk on in internally.  Never mind that  the bar code on the paper insert that rests inside the cover of the disk case is consistent with the wear on the plastic cover (IE the item was scanned and sold to me as is).  Even if I did replace the items (which I did not) the plastic, the paper cover (on which the bar code is printed) was clearly marred, used and mildly abused. His gut told him “THIEF!!!”  And, probably also, “I have the greatest soul patch in the world… FROM WHENCE FLOWS ALL MY POWER!!!”  I was again, trying to retain composure, but my face began twitching and burning. My eyes got all wet and rather than continuing to get him to believe me, the TRUTH, I walked away, crying.

Okay, tears weren’t really necessary, but put the pieces together:  VALENTINES DAY PRESENT GONE AWRY + NO VIDEO GAME + LOSS OF $50 + 27 y/o HORMONAL WOMAN + DICKY “SECURITY” DOUCHE WITH SOUL PATCH + BEING ACCUSED OF FRAUD = TEARS ;(

Okay, fine.  I get it.  People lie and cheat and steal.  Hundreds of times a day at Target.  I am sure that those people think they are getting the upper hand, and maybe they are.  I don’t need $50.  I don’t need that stupid game.  What I need to is to feel like I matter.  That the THOUSANDS of dollars that I have spent at Target during Christmases past, grocery shopping, clothing, shoes etc… wasn’t totally in vain.  That if I had a problem, someone would at the very least pretend to care.  The ONLY resolution that I have gotten is “call Nintendo” even after contacting corporate.  Really? If I bought jeans at Target that shrunk in the wash, do I have to call the manufacturer of the denim to get my $20 back?  And is it totally unthinkable that some kid that works at Target figured out how to wave two middle fingers at the system by replacing video games with used stuff?  Even when on the phone a very nice sounding woman who seemed remotely interested, she told me that my “only recourse” would be calling Nintendo.  And I would if it was another Nintendo Wii product that was accidentally put in the case.  But it’s not.  It’s clearly used, abused and switched.

They took more than $50 out of my (my boyfriend’s) pocket.  They took a grand gesture from my boyfriend and made it into a nuisance.  Though the tears and ensuing embarrassment aren’t wholly their fault, I can’t go back into their store without feeling just a little more than a little bit slighted.  I was stolen from.  It is just as if that soul patch-y douche “security” guy had walked by and snatched it from my hand bag, and no one will listen. The only recourse I have isn’t simply to call Nintendo (which, why should they even have to be involved… poor Nintendo).  My recourse is to NEVER shop at Target again.  And to share my experience with as many people as I can, in the hopes that they too will NEVER SHOP AT TARGET AGAIN.

It’s too bad.  It makes me sad.  I like Target.  I like going in and looking at sale stuff and buying fancy foodstuffs.  But I can’t go back to a place that has in essence stolen from me, told me that I am lying and won’t at least CONSIDER that they have made an error.  Their size and utter magnificence allows them to drop their trousers, bend and defecate all over me while smiling and handing me a 1-800 number to call in vein.

So, don’t believe me.  Think that I am pulling one over on the ‘ol Target.  That is just fine.  But the next time you buy something there (because I know you probably will) remember that if you buy ANYTHING electronic, you need to check it on-site, in front of a sales associate to prevent this same thing from happening to you.  I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not have to worry about an eminent number 2 plummeting down from the heavens when I buy a video game or DVD.  So be careful, or better yet, take your business else where, lest you have your good name besmirched by a soul patch clad “security” officer too.

I am good and honest person.  I have never stolen from Target or any other store, nor have I committed fraud in returning an item.  I am simply person of high morals, character and integrity that feels dumped on by Target.  And, I will not stand for it.


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  • TargetSucks says:

    Haha, you should have shaved his soul patch! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your story.

  • birdsong says:

    I worked the service desk @ a target for 4 years, I don't understand that. With the receipt, (not to mention video footage, etc.) they should have exchange it for the same game, same system. That was the latest policy anyway. I wouldn't think it's changed in a little over a month that I've not been with the company.

  • DLord227 says:

    With all that did he even ask the woman that helped you I know I check evey package i would sell so if something came back id notice something different but hey I liked the people i helped Target doesnt teach you that.

  • Magenta78 says:

    That really does suck, I worked for Target as well and Sadly I have to say the Security Guard has no Idea what he is talking about, if a game is returned and it looks to be sealed we are instructed to put the items back on the shelf to save cost. Sometimes the ppeople who do this kind of "Stealing" as a job are so good with the packaging that we could not even tell if a game was opened or not. It happens a lot with kitchen appliances too. Someone returns a toaster and a junkier older on is replaced and returned. Shame on the EMployees for not opening up packages to check. I know I do, and if clothes are returned and people state they never wear them but it is obvious or smells like smoke I damage the items out. The worse is when guest return swimsuites, I disagree with eomployees putting them back out that is completely and utterly disgusting would you put milk back out on the shelf if a guest went home and brought it back two days later Ewwww... I do have to agree Target Lacks a lot in Guest Relations.


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