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April 4, 2014 - Silverfox

Target Plastic Bag issues

🙂 From what most of you tell me, I gather that Target bags are awful. Hopefully these tips help a bit. Mostly they are observed from my own shopping experiences with my mom.


Here’s some tips that may or may not work


Ask the customer/guest if they need any bags if you aren’t asking already. Chances are they will think target charges for bags and will say no bags. I got my own.  My mom did that once. She thought they were charging for bags. So she said no I have bags. Sometimes they’ll be only buying one item and not even need a bag.

Some will even think they have to bag their own stuff and will bag their own merchandise once you’ve finished scanning. And be done by the time you finished ringing them up.


Tell your customers if they bring their own canvas bags they will get a 5 cents discount.  I have no idea if this is per bag.   Will need someone to inform me that lol.  Even if you help them bag, this will save you time from having to wrestle with the crappy bags.

If they ask you where to buy the canvas bags, point them to the spot where target sells them. Pretty sure target sells them. Seen them used elsewhere where they charge for bags up here. Or point them towards the nearest dollar store.

Seriously buying a package of 200 sheets refill paper during back to school, using your own canvas bag to buy a package nets you bigger savings than a red card does lol


Hope these tips help!




  • cashier says:

    At my store it's 5 cents/canvas bag. I actually hate dealing with them because the guest always tries to get me to squeeze everything in them until there are no spaces left. Also they flop down a lot so I ave to jam items in there while holding the bag up with the other hand. With plastic bags they are already being held up by the metal tongs.


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