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February 20, 2015 - rainprincess64

Target Pays $4 Million Due to False Advertising

I’m sure this rotten company has made far more in false pricing of its products than they were made to give to prosecutors. May be Tarshit’s rotten practices of paying its employees unlivable wages and giving its spoiled guests what thy want at the registers is to compensate for their inability to charge proper prices. Let’s hope this company keeps getting bad press and loses so much money that they go out of business down the road. To those still stuck here: get out now while you can. There ARE always other options, you just gotta find them. Leave before this company screws you any further and if we’re lucky, before this boat sinks!

SAN RAFAEL, Calif. — Target has agreed to pay nearly $4 million to settle a lawsuit filed by Northern California prosecutors that alleged the retailer charged higher prices than advertised, prosecutors said Tuesday.

The lawsuit also alleges the Minneapolis-based company misrepresented the weights of products and failed to ensure that price scanners at checkout stands were accurate.

Target Corp. was ordered to pay $3.9 million to settle the lawsuit filed in Marin County, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Marin County District Attorney Ed Berberian said his office filed the lawsuit in conjunction with counterparts in Contra Costa, Fresno, Santa Cruz and Sonoma counties, and the San Diego city attorney’s office.


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  • Silverfox says:

    at least they can get their money back. Up here in Canada, if it scans wrong at the advertised price, no money back.

    • rainprincess64 says:

      That's just the problem: if someone unfortunately doesn't catch this because they're under the impression they paid what they saw on the shelf, they were unknowingly charged extra. This should not be happening even if someone didn't check their receipt. Everyone should and they would in the perfect world but to keep track of many items when grocery shopping just to make sure the store didn't screw you is asking too much from people honestly.

      • Silverfox says:

        Maybe they should have voluntarily followed scop instead of not following it unless mandated by law. In Quebec, it is by law if an advertised item scans higher than what is listed on the shelf, then they get the first item for free if it's under $10. If the item costs more than $10 then customer gets $10 off the lowest price. Everywhere else in Canada is voluntarily by joining the scanning code of conduct. Given how target likes to scam it's customers ahem guests, It's a no brainer why they refuse. they like ripping people off. Even walmart as bad as they are gives the appearance of joining the code. Whether or not they follow it is a store by store basis. But still that's better than target.


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