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February 23, 2015 - rainprincess64

Target Likes to Commit Wage Theft Against Employees Even After Paying off Red Card Debt

Note that this legit is not happening to me but is happening to a co-worker of mine instead. Years ago my co-worker had the Target Redcard (the credit card one) and defaulted on it before they ever became a Target employee. They were having financial troubles at the time thanks to the housing market crisis that took place across the good ol’ USA (thanks banks for screwing the little man over yet again with that [whole other topic however]!). So they defaulted on the red card and eventually the debt was paid off fully. Keyword being fully here, guys. A little more than a year ago this person became a Target employee. Not more than about 2 weeks ago now a letter was sent to the store regarding this default that took place years before they ever became an employee at Target. First red flag. Shouldn’t this kind of personal mail be sent to your home address and not your business’ address, even though it comes from the company at which you are an employee? The letter states that about 25% of his paychecks will be garnished to pay off this debt, which by the way was already paid off years before he ever became employed there. It also stated that if they want to refute the company’s actions or even the said debt itself, they must hire a private attorney.


But wait there’s more. According to what I have read, unless you owe child support, back taxes, OR student loans (all of which are federal), your paychecks can’t just be given to creditors without a court order. In the case of a credit card debt (which is weird since in this case it was already paid off after defaulting and such), they must first have a court order AND win the case in order to start doing so. That AND you need to be given a letter of notice saying the creditor is taking legal action against you, NOT a letter stating 25% of  your paychecks will be deducted by your employer AND that you must hire an attorney to challenge their actions. Weird, it sounds like the letter is Target intimidating them into giving them 25% of their paychecks in an illegal manner. If there is still any debt paid off, why are they proceeding to just snatching his paychecks in an ILLEGAL fashion? In the case of credit card bills, they are supposed to have a court order AND win after suing you before this can happen (not just taking your paychecks as they please). Can you say WAGE THEFT much? It seems this shitty company commits this in many forms and uses intimidating and coercion to get their way.


It seems to me as though Target likes to also nab their employees’ paychecks at any chance they can get and not just by way of forcing them to do slave work for shitty pay. Just another reason to hate Target and to say fuck the credit red card (not the biggest fan of the debit card but at least Target can’t try going after you if you have financial problems). DO NOT get the credit card from Target if you can absolutely avoid it, especially if you are an employee with Target (or it is even remotely possible in your future). They will try to ILLEGALLY take your paychecks if you ever default on it for whatever reason AND have already paid it off in full.



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  • TargetSucks says:

    Assuming that this is all true, then yes, it's completely illegal.

  • Silverfox says:

    technically target doesn't even own the debt. therefore that does not give them the right to garnish wages. Target sold the credit card portfolio to TD Canada trust's wholly owned us subsidiary. If td says they paid it off then, then they paid it off. Have the co-worker phone td bank and get an official letter stating they have fully paid the amount. Better yet walk into a td branch and talk to the staff there and show them the letter and inform them they have fully paid the card off


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