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August 27, 2012 - thomas

Target Jokes

Does anyone know of any Target jokes? It wa sinteresting when they gave me a manager shirt for getting the most red cards. Yet, they fired me for such petty BS. I could not wait to get out. I have one. How many Team Leaders does it take to screw in a light bulb? None, because they do not know their head from their asses. Why do I say that? Well peons like you and I do all the hard work and they get all the credit.




  • Hate_Me says:

    Holy fucking shit.

    Honest to God, are you serious?

    Take a minute, think about it.....

    Ok, now answer. Are you FUCKING SERIOUS???

    This has got to be some of the dumbest shit I have ever seen spewed forth onto a keyboard in my entire life. Let me ask you this; did you take your pants off and put your hairy ass on your keyboard, squirm around a bit, and hit "Enter"?

    When you said, "peons like you and I..." I almost choked. Please, do not compare your dumb ass to anybody else in this world, besides perhaps Richard Simmons, Michael Flatley, Justin Bieber, Rosie O'Donnel, or Tom Cruise when he's jumping on Oprah's couch like a crack-addicted, r******d monkey.

    Why the fuck would anyone have a Target joke? THERE ARE NONE, you fucking idiot. Target itself IS a fucking joke.

    You said you got a shirt for handing out the most Red Cards...

    Let me enlighten you; they give worthless, chintzy, shitty SHIT as supposed "awards" for getting the most Red Cards. It doesn't mean you're fucking special. It just means you managed to dupe enough morons into signing their credit's future away into a 29% interest rate fuck-all.

    You know what else they have in that 'magical box' of Red Card awards? Soda bottle openers (although I utilized mine for beer like any jackass living in 2012 who doesn't drink Coke from glass bottles anymore), pens, stuffed Bullseye dogs, pencils, erasers. It's basically like a glorified version of your elementary school store--shitty crap, bartered for trade with the fact that you were a complete suck up.

    Getting some lousy piece of shit from a cardboard box in the GSTL's office doesn't mean you did shit to make you a valuable employee. You most likely SUCK A LOT OF FUCKING ASS.

    You seriously have to suck an extensive, ridiculous amount of ass to get fired from Target. I literally punted a stuffed animal like I was fucking Pat McAfee--RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY ETL--and didn't even get fired. Come on!

    People like you make people like me want to beat puppies and club seals. Go fuck yourself.

    FUCK I need a beer now................. You make me drink. Fucker.


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