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October 27, 2010 - GladToBeGone

Target Johnson City TN is a Hell

If anyone is considering working at the Target in Johnson City TN…DON’T!!!

The current and recent leadership at that store is horrorable.  I worked my butt off for that store for nearly 10 years.  I started out working there during my college days working part-time.  It was great up until 2005, then things changed.

When I was finally able to work an open availability and to work and train any work center.  I soon saw resistance.  I asked to work the sales floor.  They told me “Sorry…we need you to work in Food Ave because we have such a high turnover there.”  If they didn’t staff Team Members with limited availability or people who didn’t want to work back there, then there wouldn’t be any turnover.  I had to work with a girl who would leave food out, let temperatures go outside of the safe zone, leave trash on counters and tables, and plain old wouldn’t work.

Whenever there was an opportunity to advance, they would never interview me or any at the store the who was qualified.  They constantly hired off-the-street people or brought in transfers.  As I remember, it was policy for in-store employees to be given first consideration.   If anything, the only people who advanced were the people who had connections, namely the ###### Family; mother and daughters all working together which is against company policy.

The ETLs didn’t even have a back bone.  I had guests that I would deny a return because the item was well used or no receipt, and the ETLs would just give into their demands.  Guests would haggle on prices, and the ETLs would give it to them.  Never mind the price tag on the shelf.

Some of these ETLs have moved on, but ETLs – F####, F####, Ra####, B####, J###…and many more will screw you over if it means making an extra buck.  You are the ones that made the store morale SO LOW!

What ever you do…DON’T WORK HERE!!!


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