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October 1, 2013 - montanelly

Target is not selling product!

Hello guys.

Came to Albany, OR store, and purchased 6 Febreze items, $2.99 each. kinda of home spray, to kill scent.

I have had coupons to take one item free with purchase of 2 similar. Coupon not to exceed $3.99

When came to register, cashier just scanned coupon, not reading content.

Register took $3.99 off.

I have pointed on it to cashier, she got stuck for being not knowing how to fix it.

Customer service manager came, got mad, that I take 6 items, accused of store clean-up, and refused to complete sale.

Wondering, if someone can help locate Oregon stores district manager, so I can ask my questions to him, or her. thanks



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  • TargetSucks says:

    The store manager was obviously an asshole, but you don't make any sense.

    You said you bought 6 which would be pay for 4, get 2 free. BUT the coupon says max value is $3.99 (not the $5.98 I'm assuming you wanted), which the computer took off. So what's the problem that you had to point out?

    • Junip says:

      I think he's saying that the Ferbreze cost $2.99 but the coupon was for $3.99 so it took offer more then what the Ferbreze was worth.

      He was pointing out that he got an extra dollar off because the value of the coupon was more then value of item.

      This is actually one of the fundamentals of extreme couponing. You choose coupons that will take off more then the value of the product you are buying and you basically get free cash. The computer doesn't recognize you didn't spend more the coupon is worth.

      In cashier training we are told if the coupon scans, accept it. If a coupon does not match the products being bought, then a prompt comes up asking you to deny the coupon or override it and accept it. I usually accept it anyway because it's not worth getting into an argument with the guest.

      • TargetSucks says:

        They said that they purchased 6 items, not just 3. I think they were expecting to get an extra couple dollars off, but the coupon limits the reduction to $3.99.

        If you have a customer that complains because the coupon took off too much money, instead of not enough money, then you've got a 1 in a million moron.

        • Junip says:

          Well, then this guy is a one in a million moron because that's exactly what he did.

          He bought 6 Febreeze at $2.99. He says he had "coupons" meaning he probably had 2 coupons, but his grammar is sketchy so that might be a mistake too.

          The coupon didn't say $3.99 off, it said that was the maximum that could be taken off, depending how how much the store was charging. Anything under $3.99 would be free and anything over would have to come out your pocket.

          The system should have only taken $2.99 off, since that was price of the FeBreeze, but it took off an extra dollar that it wasn't suppose to.

          The cashier didn't read the coupon and since he knew what the coupon said, he pointed it out to her.

          Since you can't really change the price of a coupon in the system the cashier called her manager to see what could be done. The manger probably thought he was buying up all the Febreeze with a coupon scam and voided the order, which was crossing the line and shouldn't have been done.


    It happens quite often where the register prompts for the higher amount, I always said oh well, since Target likes fucking its employees it was their turn.
    they don't lose the money any way.

  • viciousdave says:

    As a cashier of Target, I can tell you we are to look for if a product is applicable for a given coupon. Take for example this. Each Febreeze product is $2.99, each coupon says 3.99 max and when beeped it passes through with 3.99 on computer. That is not allowed. I have instantly deleted the coupon on screen and manually entered manufacture coupon button, type in 2.99 into computer. I was told that was exactly the right thing to do by the LODs and GSTLs. Use coupons for what they are for and do not give coupon through computer unless person actually bought that product on the coupon says for and for how many if there is a how many count on the coupon description. Read all content. If yellow screen comes up, don't accept and check if item for coupon is in product bought list, if not, return coupon and say I'm sorry you did not buy the product on this coupon and/or you didn't buy enough of this product as says on coupon to buy. If they did get the product on the coupon but coupon is not accepted into computer, than re scan coupon and accept it in the computer. It's quite easy. It's called legality of coupon. Accepting a coupon for a product that the person did not buy is fraud and illegal process of agreement from the company who has issued and owns the product of the coupon. I am not joking, I know how these legal codes work as I have attended college of retail management just to be a cashier.


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