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October 6, 2015 - Sniper

Target is like the Planet of the Apes???

How can a company expect its workers to be fine with the fact that they overwork every employee and expect them to be ok with it? You can’t. See my store, the higher ups act like they are all powerful by giving us workers shitty hours and no time to do our job. For me, I’am a cashier, that they expect me to stand at a register doing nothing, waiting for the next “guest” to come our way. If any one of us steps out of ourĀ  little box of hell, they yell at us saying “Stay at your lane, we don’t want to get backed up with guests.” I personally don’t like staying in at our lane doing nothing, I’m the type of guy who wants to do stuff, make me feel worthwhile. Wait. Nevermind, no matter what I do, they don’t appreciate our hard work the give us. I see people in hardlines with a shitload of reshop carts and pulls, and the lods expect them to all of them in their 4 hour shift? It’s crazy!

The lods run around like they are doing something, but when its really busy at the front lanes. What do they do? They call for back up and sit back and expect the back up is going to help slow down the lanes (which it does, but it takes like 5 or 10 mins). I’m like, why cant the etls, lods, and gsa’s help us out when it gets busy, they just sit back, watching us suffer the constant stream of guests flood into the front lanes.

Just like the movie, The Planet of the Apes. Its basically a bunch of monkeys and/or apes that have the power like humans, which then they take over the world by destroying our way of life and precious things we once cherished. They enslave the humans as slaves which they do all the work for them. Same goes for the managers at Target. The apes were able to take the humans which they later enslaved as slaves basically. Target hires a lot of employees which does all of their dirty work and they just sit back and laugh as we die slowely from exhaustion and despair. The ones who quit Target are the ones who escape the hell that the lods have given up them. The lods give each employee shitty work conditions and expect that they do all of their work in like no time. Then the lods get mad as hell if they dont complete “their” tasks. The management expects too much out of our work life and we employees are practically in slavery with the amount of work and condition we are in. Its never even funny anymore. I feel like shit coming into work knowing and wondering what shit im about to run into today or the next day, or the next day, or the next day…

Target is run by mindless apes who enforce slave labor expecting us to obey or else you suffer the “consequences”. Target secretly likes to enforce the work load on people, especially the newbies since they dont know what they are getting into. My work life is very long and stressful. Working feels like hell and i rather be beaten by a bat than work cashier. A big ol f#@$ you to the big red!


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  • viciousdave says:

    I know. Leaders are always like, get out in front and wait for another person. Cart attendant is worst job ever at at target. Hey we need trashes out at starbucks and food ave. Ok I'm coming in right after I get these carts in I can't leave a long push like this out here or no one would get out. Ok so 5 minutes to get those carts in cause of pressing button of slow as hell cart pusher machine pressing carts, I get them in shove this way, take out front into second and third row, ok done, now to back to get large trash bin, oh no it''s full of trash I can't get trash now, I call LOD unlock the trash compactor door please, it takes a half hour for him to get back there and the GSTLs are like hey carts are nothing now up front at all work on carts in here, you told me to do trash and LOD takes half hour to just unlock a stupid door! OMFG! You idiot team leaders, we can't do a million things because a lot of things require a LOD key to unlock some doors. URGH! Leaders are so stupid at target they don't realize that things take time because sometimes things require others to unlock doors and some things just take a long time to find or do or wait. Yet they get paid more to just yell talk and check numbers on money refills for cashiers. Target is pure hell, they never understand what a disability even is as I have one! Idiotics upon us!

    • Silverfox says:

      Try a raw honey (buckwheat honey or blueberry honey seems to be the best ) mixed with ginger or tumeric. If you are able to access whole foods, pick up some wheatgrass powder and work up to one shot of the stuff per day. I'm doing that stuff now too.

      • Silverfox says:

        lod stupidity is what lead to target poofing from canada anyways. They never seem to learn do they. And apparently the canadian incumbant they lost big time to is still alive and kicking on target turf and guess what? they didn't make their employees work all thanksgiving night.

  • Xyz says:

    Like my dumb TL,,,she only schedule me for 15hours in a week yet the store is hiring and I have open availability


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