Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

September 6, 2013 - kobe1024


So I started working at Target since July 2012,I got hired as an Electronics Team Member,it was all chill and ok in the beginning…eventhough they put me on the register without even training me or anything at all.

They hired me as a full time employee,but the only time I got more than 35 hours were around END of October up until 2nd week of January,so long story short they keep putting pressure on us that WE HAVE TO VIBE and GET Attachments and RED Cards,because we are RED OR YELLOW sometimes,I keep telling them hey “BUT THEY GUESTS DONT WANT TO BUY ESP’S or ATTACHMENTS” they just tell me WELL TRY TO PUSH THEM OR WORK YOUR MAGIC!!! wtf???

For 9 months straight I’ve been getting around 20-22 HOURS MAX,I complained to them and told them”HEY I NEED MORE HOURS,I CAN’T LIVE LIKE THIS…I GOT BILLS TO PAY” they told me SORRY,we don’t have hours.
A Week ago I found a new job at a new place,and I got hired THANK GODDDDDD!I work 4 days a week at the new place and 3 days a week at target “CERTAIN DAYS ONLY”.

Recently I changed my availability,but to my surprise I got rejected both times by the LOD’s,the excuse was “WE NEED CLOSERS” and I already explained it to them in Comments section that I can’t come in because I have a 2nd job.

For 9 months you didn’t give me any hours at all and now that I found a new job and 4th quarter is coming up YOU NEED CLOSERS???I can care less,HIRE SOMEONE ELSE.Saturday I’m going to talk to the STL or call the CORPORATE worse case…I never had any issues with my attendance/NEVER CALLED OUT OR NO SHOW!! and I’ve always been available for 7 days a week since July of 2012!!! I think it’s just unfair and complete bs that they dont give a fuck if you can come in or if you have a 2nd job,my TL told me “I can give you 3 days for now only,but once the 4TH quarter comes up I have to schedule you for 5 days a week,I told him but I can’t come in since im gonna be at the new WORK PLACE,he told me I don’t know what to say….what you guys think I should do???any suggestions???anyone with the similar issue???

Honestly to my experience so far TARGET IS A GREEDY joke ass store run by bunch of morons and egoistic people… “EXPECT MORE,PAY LESS” that shit really applys towards all the workers,they PAY US REALLY SHITTY WAGES and EXPECT a lot of shit from us,while the LOD’s walk around doing nothing at all and give bs props “GOOD JOB ON THE RED CARD or getting 15 attachments” encourage us by giving gift cards or something,we dont need bs GOOD JOBS!!!


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