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January 6, 2016 - targetfree

Target Free 4 Ever

I started working at Target since October and like many, I made the fatal mistake of assuming it would be a positive experience. Now that I’m not working there anymore, I can reflect on how shitty it was.

I’m probably one of the luckier ones. The Target I worked at seemed not as bad as some of the posts I’ve seen on here. There were some good times (only because some of my GSTL’s and coworkers were amazing) but that’s not to say it still wasn’t tarshit.

I got hired seasonal as cashier and that was all I wanted. I just needed a temporary job for the season. I ended up cross training in “guest” services as well although primarily cashier.

During orientation, they had already messed up my schedule. From that moment on, I knew it would predetermine the schedule hellstorm I would soon be caught up in. For many weeks, I would get hours shitty beyond belief. Shifts like clopens. Consistent shifts past midnight (which would be inconvenient for me because my buses don’t run that late). Shifts that start at 8pm when I’m free the entire day. I’ve worked well over 40 hours during Christmas week as a part time when others would have Christmas week days off even if we were supposed to be “maxed to capacity”. Believe me, I’ve tried and tried countless times to get this readjusted with empty promises of schedule change approval from LOD’s/GSTL’s/ETL’s whatever they’re fucking called. I had school and was on my way to graduating (university) and a medical condition that at the time had me taking an unbelievable amount of medication daily for a period of time. I’ve explained this to the shit TL’s or who tf cares what they’re called and was brushed off quickly but still promised approval.

I’ve realized after a while, that it would not happen. So I tried to stick it out, til I quit or finished my season. Thank God I had the strength to make it til my season was up. I was on the list of people not going to be kept which I was ecstatic about because I was going to leave anyway and they made it that much easier. They didn’t tell me til the end of my shift, but I was so happy.

I never had any training with the exception of 1-2 bullshitted hours. My Target was always biased. If you weren’t a part of their cultural community, you were looked past. I worked with people of ALL ages. If you weren’t a certain race, you came in second. My other coworkers have expressed their concern with me as well feeling left out and underappreciated compared to the other workers. I was never taught to do anything. The only reasons I was able to make it through and learn was: on my own, by asking a friend who used to work for Tarshit and reading up on here on how to ring up Redcards. My Target puts shitty “incentives” in your face while you’re ringing up the customer. There’s already enough bullshit on Redcards on here, so I’ll save the frustration.

I’ll miss my coworkers the most. I plan to visit them because they were some of the best people but I’m 2844839% so happy I’m out of that place. I could go on and on about the shit that goes down there but that’s a novel. I read almost everyday before/in between breaks at work. So far, I’m on page 56.


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