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February 10, 2015 - joepepperwood

Target does not promote within. All new ETL’s are babies fresh from college

I have a team lead position in AP, and been with Target for 3 years. I have my bachelors degree and tons of experience.  Since Ive been with Target id say 90% of the new ETL’s that are hired are from outside the company and there ages range from 22-25, with most of them this being their first FT career. Has anyone else noticed that if you’re a TL you’re basically stuck in that position. They set unrealistic exceptions for you to get to a “ETL” level, yet all these new hires don’t have to prove shit. Oh and who can forget about shity .50 – .75 cent yearly raises, but yet ETL bonuses are 3k plus, not including their raises, and they are always eating meals from restaurants nearby. basically IMO, if you’re not an ETL at Target, you’re stuck at your position and fucked.


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  • TargetSucks says:

    If you're getting 75 cent raises, you're doing better than most of the people on this site. A lot of people get only 10% of that.

  • Silverfox says:

    lol that's a lot compared to 8 to 10 cent raises others are getting.

  • viciousdave says:

    Well, all the AP team are stuck AP or course. I know my AP guys an gals at my store. We have 3 guys and one woman. The biggest pay raise I ever got was my first year at 25 cents. After than 15 cents and than 10 cents, and than 8 cents and than 5 cents. Gets worse every year even though you've been trying harder. They never notice anything there. GSTLs and ETLs always say well you're not doing a good job, gotta get those red cards. I'm a cashier can't you tell with the red card crap. You're not asking enough are you not? I'm asking, no one wants it because the same people come to my line everyday almost and either say no or already got one. What am I suppose to do? Accept the fact aholes at Target leads, no one can be perfect. I mean I do other things besides red cards, I find things stolen all the time and report it in. I get credit for that? Nope. But I should, we're about making money, not promoting shit.

  • rage says:

    Yeah, I noticed that too. I worked to prove myself time and time again and had no chance of getting promoted despite having a management background from a previous job, leading the P-Fresh team, and often stepped up to unfuck things in the backroom. Every time I went for TL, I got the run around or got told shit like "you need more experience". My favorite was "get the team to green". Well how about stop cutting hours and give me the personnel I need to get the job done. I even proved that we were wasting money on having to constantly QMOS and broke it down to hours/pay wasted and how we could fix it. Their reaction was basically "meh". Anyway, after my efforts, some new person who had no clue how to do the job was picked because they had a degree and could smile at the STL while throwing out big, important sounding words. How about a well thought out plan? No, screw that! Let's just "status", VIBE, (insert other Target lingo), and piss off guests with relentless hounding of red cards.

  • Flyers000 says:

    75 cent raise??? At target? I've never heard of that sort of generosity!

  • Silverfox says:

    lol i agree. i thought they would only give a raise of 75 cents per hour if forced by government.Ontario forced a raise of 75 cents down tarshit's throat. Don't know if they were paying 25 cents above min wage which was 10.25 before the min wage increase. But even so that' a forced 50 cent per hour increase that was effective June 2014. Guess they didn't like being forced to give raises so they decided to pull out. Good riddance.

  • sbzero546 says:

    Lol agreed with the raises that the team members get. I got like 0.20 cents every review. My co Workers meh 0.07 to 0.10 cents. Smh and as for the ETL's they are all inexperience but kind of good looking. Lol wouldnt mind doing them :p

  • FucktheRedCard says:

    I gave myself two options...either move from electronics to AP or find a better job. I make $9.50 and would jump to probably $11 with AP. I realize i hate people which electronics deals with more and i have army training as an interrogator so i figured AP suited me more..guess imma just find a better job


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