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July 15, 2018 - PoopyButt

Target Customers Waiting In Big Line To Be Checked Out For One Item?

For real!!! What’s wrong with that? The store at Waterford Lakes, Orlando, Florida, is a Super Target that closes at midnight, with lots of Self Check Outs. If you only have one freakin item, why in the world would you want to wait in a big lane for 30 minutes??? You also paid with your credit card, you could have just inserted your darn card in the SCO register, you dummy, and be out in a jiffy. Then they yell at you because there’s only one register open at 5 minutes to midnight! Well, yeah, it’s almost 12:00 am, and the LOD already told you several times, over the intercom that we will be closing in a few minutes. That means that you have to take your crap and leave, because we, employees, have to stay and zone the whole friggin super store that you all messed up real good. These ladies in Orlando, will also bring the entire clothing dept. because they’re not sure if they’re going to buy those 5000 items that they put on the conveyor belt. So they want you to ring everything up to see what the total amount will be, only to have the cashier delete most of them because hey, they’ll be paying with the SNAP/EBT card, and only have $120.00 cash. Then you’re buying $150.00 worth of make up, whilst on welfare, and you freak out because your SNAP card doesn’t cover those? You’re then all pissed off and ask me to page a manager, so they can give you a discount? The Orlando shoppers are the worst. I don’t know if it’s the same for every state, but this is getting ridiculous. They are wasting not only customers time, but also cashiers. Floridians also mess up the store like there’s no tomorrow. The store always looks like a friggin tornado hit it! Lots of perishable foods in the clothing/hardware/electronic depts. Shoes all over the place and out of their original boxes. Clothes everywhere on the floor off of their hangers. I could go on and on. It’s already bad that Target Management treats most of us like robots and like crap, you also need to have nerves of steel to deal with the customers and the management. I quit for my own sanity. I was losing it and going crazy at Target. I was even taking it out on my poor family. Just a word of caution; if you plan on applying there for a job, make sure that you can handle it, because you’ll be treated like crap and they’ll work you to the ground. Everything that all ex and current employees tell you is true. So be warned! Target will suck the life out of you. They are EVIL!!! Get out while you can. Peace and light.



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