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December 15, 2017 - bkentmassie

Target Credit

I opened a Target account with TD bank when I used to work for Target.  I was a Store Team Leader for 4 years.  I kept the account open when I resigned to keep the 5% discount and occasional perks.

since opening the card in 2011 I had always had problems with online bill pay.  I was constantly locked out of the website.  So for years I just made payments with check by phone.  However as time went on Target became the only bill I couldn’t pay online.  I finally called last month and got someone at TD Bank to fix the issue.  They told me I had an invalid account number logged and so it locked me out of online access for fraud protection.  When I asked for the account info the woman told me she could only read the last 4 numbers because of restrictions on their end.  However those 4 numbers were the last 4 if the Checkng account I’ve had for years.  She said she would remove the block and I could just Re-enter the information and I’d be able to pay online again.  So I did that, made my payment and all was good.  Yay Target !!! At least I thought.

I log back in this month and try to make my payment.  I get the message saying account access locked please call customer service.  When I call I’m notified this is an attempt to collect a debt and that I  didn’t pay last months bill.  No phone call, no email, no snail mail… I find out only when I try to make my payment that something is wrong.

I get get an agent on the phone who notified me the call would be recorded and she was attempting to collect a debt.  I explain the reason for my call was because I was locking out of my account while trying to pay my bill, however I had paid last month so I’m not sure what this is about.  She attempted in earnest to get a double payment before discussing the account but I was not paying until I understood the problem.

The woman explained my payment was returned and that I now owe this months minimum, last months minimum and a $27 returned payment fee.  I explained I had made a payment and brought up the whole mess i went through the previous month so I could pay online.  She said well this was a returned payment so there must not have been funds to cover the payment.  I assured her there was plenty to cover my twenty some dollar payment .  I asked to talk to a supervisor and was put on hold for over 30 minutes.  I was then told no supervisor was available but someone would call me in 24-48 hours.  I said this is the Wednesday before thanksgiving, so by Black Friday I’ll have a call? They said yes.  48 minutes later call was ended.

I then callled my bank who said that no attempt by TD bank had been made in past 45 days on my checking account.

On Saturday Target Credit showed up on my caller ID.  I answered and you could tell it was an auto dialer.  I waited for someone to come on the line, however the call just disconnected.  I immediately called back and literally repeated the entire story about e for another hour.  All to end up on another we will call you back list.





  • MrSharkNasty says:

    Your issue is not with Target! It's with the bank that owns and operates the card. Seeing how you worked for Target in a management position it's odd you don't know how the system works(or is it? another clueless leader). Target just like all retailers their CREDIT CARD IS OWNED AND OPERATED BY A BANK and not by Target. Like you said you called "TD Bank!" They are your issue. Retailers offer credit cards for another way to secure purchases to people who cannot typically afford what they are purchasing. That's it! After that a bank runs and operates it. They collect the the interest fees. All the store gets out of it is exclusive guaranteed purchases at their store. All big box retailers offer a credit card, every single one is owned and operated by a bank. They don't charge your interest fees, the banks do! They don't manage your account, the banks do! IT ALL GOES BACK TO THE BANK!

  • Silverfox says:

    Might be Target fucking things up on their end. Your account is probably hard coded for employee discount. Ask td to cancel and reissue the account.


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