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June 16, 2013 - Hero

Target Canada is just as worse

I got hired for Target in March of 2013. They were looking for Team Members to set up the store and be there when the doors were opened for the first time. The sales in Ontario were great, black Friday every day. So I has hired as a cashier, promised 40 hours in the first month of opening, and at least 25 hours a week to qualify for part time benefits. It was great, setting up the store, making new friends, knowing who I was going to be working with. The planarama hours were great, 30+ a week, they were making everyone happy.

It was a great second job, after working behind a counter in a deli, it was cool to be able to try something new. I was liking the job, people were nice, our store was the best in the district, and hey, we were all getting excited for all those full time hours. I was called in for coaching for the first time, and was told I can’t be trusted to work alone, can’t work in a group, other people finish things faster then I can. That was horrible to hear, after all, I worked in a deli beforehand, and I worked well in a group, and on my last day after giving ┬ámy two weeks, I closed the place by myself because the other girl called in sick. I had closed the night before with my old supervisor, the last night she was working in the deli before she started her new job as assistant manager. She wished me best of luck at Target and hoped I got the hours I was promised and would be happy there. Of course I was, until the coaching started. The first one literally broke me, I was almost done work, and I needed some time alone, told I could come out when I felt okay, and I left to grab my things when I felt I was ready. Made it to the girl who was borrowing my PDA and broke down again. Showed up the next day and was sent home. ‘We’ll call you’ I was told. Sadly for me that was the day I left my keys locked in the car and had to call my parents to unlock the car for me. I was sad and sat in the break room after signing out to wait for them. It was cold and windy outside and I had a bit of a cold. One of the TLs poked her head in, and asked me if I signed out. I told her that I did, then she told me I had to wait outside, that I was upsetting the other team members. Right, because being quiet as I waited for my parents to show up was upsetting the one other guy who was sitting in the room. Of course I wasn’t fired then, I was called a few days later being told I had my shift from 3-9pm. I was happy, finding a job in this town was hard.

The store had opened last month, and it was busy for only a few days. Did I get my promised hours? does 16.5 hours sound like the 40 I was promised? No, it wasn’t. They cut back everyone’s hours! The bastards hired at 110% expecting the same sales in Ontario, but being a small town in British Columbia, the sales were not what was expected.

I was a fairly popular cashier, co-workers liked me, and worried about me when I passed out from dehydration – there’s no air conditioning in the store, it’s controlled by a third party, and we’re not allowed water at the check lanes- I had thought I found a good place to work. Boy was I wrong. Another coaching telling me the same old, same old. I told them this was my first retail job and that I was still learning. Not good enough for Target.

What had started to bug me was when one of the GSA’s and Tl’s started treating me like a child. It was getting annoying, and I finally told another GSA today about it and she told me to talk to the STL about it, but I didn’t want to, seeing as every time I talked to him I was always told how I’m fucking up. Of course as I’m talking to her, the STL comes in and says he needs to talk to me. So I grab my stuff, and follow him, took a seat and was handed a termination letter. 93 days working and fired just after probation with no reason. I was upset at first but as I started looking for other jobs today and told my friends the crooks in red and khaki fired me without a reason after my probation period made me feel better that I was let go. They weren’t providing what they promised anyways. Sure I have bills to pay, and now have to look for a job, but at least I’m out of that two faced hellhole known as ‘Target Canada’


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  • Integritymybullseye says:

    I love Ontario, especially the areas around Georgian Bay. Unfortunately Target is going to pollute Canada the same way it has in the USA. Being a border state, My store had several Canadian ETL/STL trainees come over here for 3 months of orientation last summer. They would spend half of their time in the store and the other half in what is called business collage (a.k.a. screw all non exempt employees). The last 2 weeks of the orientation would be spent in the stores on LOD shifts to apply the brainwashing culture (pardon me; what they had learned).

    The sales coolers went down one day due to hot weather and after going through the best practice of locking, disposing, calling facility management etc. The LOD trainee hit me with the ignorant questions:

    What have you learned from this experience? What can you do to improve guest service? If you could do this over what would you do differently? (this is a prelude to coaching) By this time I was already on my way out of Target and had finally learned to always answer a question with a question which stops them in there tracks!

  • Angelknight says:

    And i'm wishing for zellers to come back already. No water at the lane? LOL wtf. During my training as a new zellers cashier, i was told to bring a water bottle to my lane as it was very dry due to the machines. lol with the way they are treating employees and how dead they are. Check loblaw's career page. There may be an opening for you in your city with superstore or a franchise store.

  • vamptricker says:

    This makes me so sad. I got hired on for the store in my city at the beginning of May. Didn't even get orientation until three weeks later. Finally get through orientation and start working the very next day almost every, single day.

    Now, over a month later and my hours are cut. Cut way back to nothing. Next week I just work one, 4.5hr shift, of which I have to take a mandatory 30 min break, so I only get 4hrs. I am a single mom, it is NOT worth my time to pay for a sitter and gas to come in for 4hrs. The kicker is, the job bank for my area is now almost completely empty now that all the college kids are out and employed for the summer. So I'm stuck. I have property taxes to pay, a car that is falling apart, and I'm stuck working for a company that my mother is sure is going to turn around and just fire me. I told her that I'm not the only one who got their hours cut. My last shift I worked, one of the women who thinks their shit doesn't stink in my department, was complaining that she had her hours cut down to just two shifts a week. I flat out told her that she couldn't complain until she was only given 4hrs.

    I have never been brought in for coaching. I get along with everyone except for 1 TL who took a disliking to me, but I'm not the only person who has had a problem with that bitch and she's going to get taken down a peg or two very soon. I actually spent 15mins crying by the cardboard bailer one day because she treated me like a mentally challenged child.

    The work over all isn't hard. I like the majority of people I work with. Even lady with an attitude, most times I just smile and nod, and keep my thoughts to myself, and go about my day.

    I work backstock currently. I was hired for Reverse Logistics, but because I work evenings and weekends, and nobody else from the RL department works evenings and weekends, they can't train me. I've asked on several occaisions to be trained for my actual job, and nothing. Instead I'm getting my hours cut right back, which makes absolutely NO sense to me. If they want me gone so bad, I'm still within my probationary period, they could just fire me and be done with it.

    At this rate, I don't even want to go in for my first of two shifts this week. I just feel like, why should I if this is how they're going to treat people? I just wanted money to pay my property taxes, maybe get my transmission fixed in my car, take the kids camping at the end of the summer, but now I'm sol.

    Oh and yeah, about the no water thing. In the back they have absolutely no airflow, no conditioning, nothing. There is a physical up in temperature coming from the floor and going into the back. Plus it's a lot of heavy work, lifting 25lb boxes up a high ladder to put them at the top of a shelf. There are times where I get really dizzy and feel like I'm going to throw up because it gets soooo hot. I'm just waiting for the day that I pass out and then I can get workman's comp on their asses for creating an unsafe work enviroment.


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