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August 6, 2014 - TargetCanada3763

Target Canada 3763

Let me list everything that is wrong with Target and the way they run things as a retail store.

I mean if you live in Canada you have heard of the life in Canada is great, the businesses are better, the staff are friendlier, and the bosses are better and everything else in between and all this other crap that has been said. I am here to tell you this all lies, fictional information, biased leaders, racist leaders, and everything else in between.

I’ve worked at Target for over a year and I’ve never in my life have experienced such a horrible job.

  1. Low hours and promised more hours but never received those said hours.
  2. Hire more people than they can afford and leave current staff with fewer hours.
  3. Shelves are always empty, and guest are always furious with us and complain and make our day hell.
  4. Flyers are never taken down and we have to change the damn price by policy but Team Leaders tell us to tell the guest we can’t do that and don’t honor their own damn policy.
  5. Team leaders never take blame for their actions and blame said team members for not following directions correctly however, the team leader told you to do it that way but they gave you false information and false tactics to do said task.
  6. “No Call No Show” – My god this has to be the most annoying, thing they even have and sometimes you don’t even have access to a phone, e-mail, or you don’t even live in the god damn area to go in person and say I can’t make it today.
  7. ” I was verbally, warned and threatening because I mentioned about a deceased relative and that I should have called, because I put team members behind, by me not showing up for my said shift.” Well gah, I am sorry my grandmother died and I didn’t have access to any telecommunications or internet communications to tell you.

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  • TargetSucks says:

    "No Call No Show" will get you fired from almost any job.

  • disgusted says:

    No call no show would be fine, but tarshit makes them up as you go along, just because it is in the mood for it. The most dishonest, unethical, sorry excuses for pieces of crap out there, yes, thats right tarshit!!!!!!!!!! Just my humble opinion, I know thousands agree with me though, make your say count, don;t spend a penny at tarshit, its the only way to brings these class A , A holes DOWN!!!!!!

  • Silverfox says:

    i hate to say it, no call no show is also a thing with most retailers in canada as well. Same thing with Zellers which target took the leasehold over. when i realized i couldn't make it to my shift I called in. I know shit happens but before you poof off to god knows where, call in. No one knows what happened to you if you don't let them know.

  • BatGirl says:

    Usually it's best to try to call within 2 hours of your shift if you can't come in, though in this case it was a family emergency so it's understandable why calling in may have been the last thing on your mind.

    And I feel you on the cropping of hours. I was down to just 4 hours a week at the first place I worked at. What killed me was other "team members" hired on at the same time as me but were grossly incompetent, got more hours because they were besties with my TL.

    And the empty shelves is ridiculous. But remember, you must follow the planogram otherwise the world may explode <_<


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