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March 14, 2016 - mystieec

Target bs leaders

I have been working at target for almost 2 years. And have never had any problems or been in trouble until the last month and a half. We recently got a whole new group of ETLs.  The moment we got them  is when everything went down hill.  Our plano/ presentation  (whichever you prefer ) has gotten nothing but yelled at, coached, and even put on corrective action because of the petty bullshit Target is pulling. Four instance there so called goal times. Corporate sons the amount of hours that it should take to do certain workload and Target puts it in half or even a third of the time that it should take you. You’re running around like a chicken with your head cut off trying to get the workload done and you get it done before the time that Target themselves is trying to give you and still it’s not Fast enough for them. and they sit there and bitch at you oh you’re not making goal times you’re not working hard enough. Recently me and another co worker had Ben called into ETLs office and was like what is going on. And we told them we need hours,   we have bills and everything else to pay we need our 40 hours and they basically told us that if we want to ours we need to work harder.   They told us they couldn’t guarantee us hours. It just blew me away that they had the balls to say that.  Then again targets never wrong or so They think. A co worker and I had 90 hours worth of  lingerie  to set  and they told us we needed to be done in two days.  Mind you this is only two people setting over there. I’m sorry but that’s not physically possible. They pretty much give us a shit sandwich oh you’re doing good but can you work harder next time,can you do this faster.yesterday we had three people for the presentation team and we had about 50 revisions to do. We we got all but maybe 8 of them done and they had the nerve to sit there and bitch at us. O you had more than enough time to finish all that workload and it should have been done. And the whole team was only there for 6 hours. So then we got called into the HR office with three different leaders in the whole team got a coaching and of course there’s a leader standing outside the door listening to the whole thing.  Our store doesn’t have a single male leader. It’s just a bunch sorority girls that think their shit doesn’t stink. One of our leaders is only 20 yes old.  In my opinion should not be in the position that she’s in because she doesn’t have the experience or the knowledge to do it. I’m sorry but this is just a minimum wage job nobody lives target didn’t want to be there for 50 years.  everyone on the Plano team is about fed up with targets bullshit.  I’m glad I found the site it’s really helpful.  So my question to you is how would we go about reporting target for the stuff that they do ?  If anyone has any information or anything that we could do please comment and let us know thank you so much


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