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July 7, 2014 - mrsirsir

Target blows

So I’ve been working here for a year. And I have some good things and bad things about this store for me. I am dayside backroom that’s all I do. The guys back there are cool and all. Although I’ve had issues our counterparts in early morning.

Well ill let me start with early morning backroom. The team lead is a major asshole. He is not my team lead he is team lead of slow team (you’ll know why I call them that later) and early morning backroom. One day I come in early and the only other guy scheduled in day side had to call in. So he shoots this pog with an insane amount of yogurt in it. He asks me to pull it and he wanted it done in 30 minutes. I was still new and a bit slow but he thought I could do it. After about an hour I finally got it done on my own. Then he brags “oh your finally done? I could’ve done that in ten minutes” what the fuck your gonna say that when you could’ve given me a hand.

Then there’s the flo team. I swear the worst flo team in target history bar none. I got a friend at another store who’s flo team got it all done in 5 hours. This team take 8 fucking hours to get there job done. It’s so damn simple. Go out to the floor stock it and get more. I’ve done it in half the time and I only had to do it cause there slow team ass couldn’t finish.

Also so this happened recently. This new my time thing that the computer edits schedule on its own messed with my schedule. The schedule in clerical had me working an early shift on a day I thought I had off. I come in not really caring and I can’t clock in. My etl was there and she said “sorry I was late on the edit. So I wasted gas and sleep. Then next Sunday I come I at 9:30 and try to clock in and it rejects it. I look at the schedule and it says I was schedule to come in at 12 PM. Wtf and she was not there to fix it so I went to my car and slept for two hours before clicking in. Then here’s the fun part. The etl again forgot to edit the schedule to fix my spot. Oh we missed the 11 cafs. So it’s her fault sine I don’t come in to start right on time that pulls come in. So what does she do? To save herself she rights me and the opener up for not doing our jobs. I WAS NOT EVEN THERE HOW AM I GETTING WRITTEN UP?

I am only a months way from going to a new job at carmax. So I pray the next weeks go smooth otherwise I’m gonna kill someone.


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