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  • June 9, 2014 - edge

    Went from ok to worse

    So I’ve been working here as a cashier for almost a year in southern California. The pay is alright considering I’m just part time, however working conditions just began to get bad recently.

    Before, our break schedule followed the 2-4-6 rule, which was easy to work with and the TLS generally followed it. Now it’s a computerized schedule rather than the TLS manually writing in the break schedules for the day. For an 8 hour shift, you get your first break just one hour after you start, lunch usually on just your third hour, and the last break on your fifth hour. On top of them not running the ac in the front, it gets hot and tiring really fast. A few including myself have gotten woozy due to working almost 4 full hours without a break. One actually passed out. Everyone hates it.