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  • November 7, 2013 - UncleDrew2

    Fired for being injured…

    So a week ago i was playing basketball at my local gym. I injured myself on this one play and my heel hurt. I went to the doctor and found out i had inflamed the bottom of my achilles tendon. I got a note from my doctor for work, and i thought i was exempt, and had all the time i needed to recover. I went in to target and gave my note to my hr team lead. I had already spoken to my supervising tl, and i thought all was well.

    a week later i felt well enough to come back to work and i had recovered. I walk into target and go up to the hr team member and say that i can come back and work now. She says to talk to our Stl who does nothing but stay in her office all day and paint her nails or some shit like that. She says that i had 3 no-call no-shows over that period which i was injured and had a note for it. She then goes on to tell me that i am terminated.

  • October 12, 2013 - TargetSucks

    Admitted true feelings to Target headquarters

    I’m not ashamed to admit this as I am a true and honest man who tells who I really am.  I emailed through the contact us email on and messaged that I am truly developing sickness and depression from the team leads at my store pushing me so hard to get red cards and asking guests for them.  I said I have a social anxiety to peoples reactions of no and to yelling of any kind.  I clearly stated that I’ve spoken to my store manager about the red cards but that I was scared to admit my personal feelings of depression and anxiety to her, so that is why I contacted target headquarters through there contact us email on there website.