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  • November 25, 2014 - keropi

    Only Desperate Workers Need Apply

    I took my position as a Food Ave. team member with high hopes, and an expectation of 25 hours or LESS to cover gas money and minor expenses. I am a part time worker, after all. However, I have never worked less thanĀ 35-37 hours a week, while the full timers are complaining about no hours and referring to the swap shift board like itsĀ the Bible. Of course this has sent my grades down the shitter, and created a ripple effect throughout the rest of my personal life–all for that paycheck of barely 500 bi-weekly.

  • I’ve been working at Target (full time) for almost 2 months, and I’m starting school soon. The beginning of this month I gave TSC my school schedule and I changed my availability online. I requested to work 3 days a week, 20 hours maximum. And I am available anytime on Saturdays and Sundays, pretty lenient right? I even spoke to the ETL who makes the schedule a couple of times explaining to him my situation, and he seemed to be sympathetic and understanding of my wishes telling me it was no problem. So today, I look at the Week 3 schedule to see that they have me working 30 HOURS, 4 DAYS A WEEK. Clearly not what I said my availability was, and there’s no way I can work that much being that it’s my freshman year of college and school is my main priority. I spoke to one of my co-workers today about it, and he told me they disregard his availability requests (since he works 2 jobs) pretty much all the time, and has been at Target for 7 YEARS. I am super angry, and I am going to talk to the ETL about this the next time I see him. If I don’t see a change, I’m leaving this fucking company.