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  • August 26, 2017 - ORGuy97

    About to lose it!!!!!

    So bare with me here. I have only worked for Target (team 0613) for only a year now and it has been a literal HELL! At first it was alright, but then by my 4th or 5th month (everything is a blur now thanks to how they schedule me), my LOD and a few others started to badger and treat me unfairly.

  • November 4, 2013 - Taylor_167

    How to get cross trained

    I am a cashier at the moment, and they say after my 90 day evaluation it’s possible that I can be cross trained. I really want to be cross trained! So far I have gotten 5 red cards and my conversion is a 2.7, they say I need a 3!

    How can I guarantee to be cross trained?

    Also, what position should I take? Hardlines? Softlines??

    Any tips on how to actually enjoy work and sell more red cards?