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  • August 27, 2013 - Chris. 349

    Hard to “Vibe with this

    Today I was lucky to escape without getting a severe case of heatstroke. Being a Cart Attendant in the heat can be a near death sentence. Just before lunch I was approached by a customer who asked a very confusing question, “What are your Red Card deals for today?” I honesty don’t know the indoor specials, how could I? I work primarily outside, nevermind that I never get a flyer. So I asked him to clarify his question being confused. The “guest” just rose his voice to me and asked the same thing, except this time he said it one snippit at a time, like I was mentally slow or something. Finally I offered to go get an ad from Guest Service, and look for the answer to his request, although my patience with him was thinning. I had no idea what he wanted from me. The jerk got so mad at me he did it himself and stormed away. I felt guilty for a few minutes, until I realized all he wanted was for me to do his homework for him. Whenever I shop I know exactly what I want, unless I run into an instore special. This is hardly the first time this has happend. Where I work, there is a worsening epidemic of middle aged men embracing laziness and flying off the deep end for little if any reason. Do you guys think I did anything wrong?

  • August 18, 2013 - Chris. 349

    I Unvibed a “Guest” today

    I was going on break or maybe lunch, satisfied that I wouldn’t have to deal with a wall of “guests” for at least a good fifteen minutes or a half hour. A guest approached me right when I turned off my walkie and asks “Does Target have a Jewelry area?” My first reaction was to think to myself, “Of course we do you idiot.” I refrained from lashing out, realizing that this elderly customer had not come to Target in a long while and was most likely unaware that we no longer have anyone stationed at the Jewelry station. I informed her that if she needed help she’d have to ask for it. She than asked if they’d replace her watch battery, I informed her that unless she bought the watch at Target she’s out of luck. This is a terrible policy, why penalize people even employees for not buying the watch at Target? You’d still be getting their business, even if it’s just changing the battery. The women amazed at the service she wouldn’t be getting went on her way. I hope she bought less than she initially planned.

  • August 8, 2013 - Chris. 349

    Sometimes working at Target is make work.

    Working as a Cart Attendant can be tolerable. Unless some high in the sky LOD is on your case. One of the worst things about working the Cart Attendant job is that supervisors and “guests” expect you to dry off the carts whenever it rains. Okay I dry them off, but get this, that isn’t even satasfactory anymore. Whenever it rains I’m hassled about putting dry carts near the isle where Starbucks is. This requires me to rearrange the entire lot of carts. Taking already dry carts near the cart pusher and repositioning them on the other side of the cart area, this of course eats up time I could be using for other things. This is just a bunch of make work. I don’t see what’s wrong with just drying the carts and putting them in any lane I choose. Besides, no matter how well I dry the carts I always get this trademark remark from the “guests” “This cart is wet.” I chuckle everytime they whine this line out like a cat that just had it’s foot stepped on. I mean they just walked through rain to get in the store and they’re suprised that there’s still water on the carts. One time I had to say this after I heard the whinging about a cart being wet, “That’s what happens when it rains,” I got the nastiest look. But seriously, I shouldn’t have to explain why rain makes things wet.

  • August 1, 2013 - Chris. 349

    The RED magazine an insult to the eyes.

    This is my first post, but I felt I had to write instead of just putting up comments of encouragment. A few days ago I picked up a copy of Target’s magazine called RED. On the cover was a preview of the main article in which a few ETL’s shopped with “guests” and gave each of them a great experience. The article even went so far to suggest that the “guests” were so happy with their service that they came back and thanked the team members. I don’t know about any of you but no one has ever come to Target just to thank me. I found the magazine to be very insulting, not only does a store not run like that but if coporate thinks that’s the way retail is they must be doing drugs or something. If they think that a “guest” is going to by two of the most expensive TV’s than they’re chasing the purple dragon of retail.


    I glanced at the next article which was a mix of topics from new openings to celebrities endorsing Target. I don’t shop at Target because some celebrity I’ve never even heard of endorses it. I shop at Target to take advantage of the 5% discount which basiclly takes out the taxes in the purchase. I also do a little shopping at Target so I don’t have to use gas going to another store.

  • I’ve been working at Target for almost six months as a cashier. At the time I got hired I was dirt broke and unemployed,  so when I first got the job I was naturally overjoyed. Going in, I knew that it would be a big part of my job to push the damn Target credit cards, but I figured that it wouldn’t be too hard. Boy was I wrong!

    As a cashier, you don’t have to push the REDCard, you have to sell the REDCard. Meaning that you have to basically beg all customers to please sell their souls to the Target devil. I’ll admit that it’s not impossible to get customers (I REFUSE to call those fiends “guests” when I am off the clock) to sign up for hell, but it is incredibly fatiguing and belittling. Normally, what I say usually goes like this:

  • January 12, 2013 - Jonestown

    Should have read this all first

    When I accepted the job at Target I was completely excited.

    I was hired as a lead and encouraged by the conversations during the interview process.

    Several months later I’ve come to the conclusion that it is a cult.  You have to learn “Target speak.”  Everything has an acronym and is measured in Red, Yellow or Green.  Should you not adhere to the cult rules you are either exiled (fired) or pushed to the point that your only hope is escape.

    There is a reason that management is relatively young.  It’s easy to manipulate inexperienced, immature people fresh out of college and mold them to believe you are the God of all retail and business.

    The scariest thing, next to “you must learn Target speak,” that I was told by my ETL was, “you’ll do much better if you just drink the Kool-Aid.”  Seriously!