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  • February 3, 2015 - sakuchan

    5 minute rule???

    I started at target last year for seasonal and worked my ass off so I wouldn’t have to look for another job come new years. Couple weeks ago I am told they are keeping me on as a permanent team member. Two days ago I call in because I’m spending all morning in the hospital for coughing blood the previous night. Today I call in because I’m having troubles breathing to tell them I will be late 10 minutes. Next thing I know I come in and they say they have to let me go because of the 5 minute rule?! The freak is that? I’ve never had any disciplinary actions against me, no complaints, nothing. I get that store at least 5 red cards a day! And all of a sudden my attendance is bad because I’ve been late 20 percent of the time because even if I clock in 5 minutes that’s counted as late and a point against me??? I call bullshit and I’m sure something’s going on. I’ve only called out one time since I’ve worked there. And all of a sudden this?