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  • August 30, 2019 - park1998

    Finally fucking fed up

    Lets start from the beginning, shall we?


    So I started working at Target 1516 of July of 2018 in Softlines. At first it was great; I made a decent amount of friends, the management was laid back and I was getting above minimum wage. I left for LOA in September for school and returned for Black Friday.  Even though I’m softlines, they put me on register all day because they “double scheduled” me. It was my third time working register and the experience was awful. That should’ve been the first warning sign.

  • May 1, 2015 - FackDisBaus

    Living the Backroom life.

    I’ve been working here for over a year now, and I work a number of positions, including Flow. (The people who come in at 4am to do the freight/truck process and stock the shelves before the store opens. Whilst I have a plethora of unkind truths to share about the Flow team process (Example: Witnessing the Flow TL yell at a Flow TM for being slow, and telling him to keep his personal business at home when his best friend committed suicide less than a day ago.), I will focus on “Day side Backroom”. Specifically, having to pull cavs. (A list of items that need to be taken from the backroom, and pushed onto the floor to keep the floor stocked. To the best of my knowledge, these lists are populated based on what is selling.. in theory. These lists repopulate hourly.)

  • November 26, 2014 - Zkg123

    Do not work here

    So I worked for target in a hardlines position for a good 3 months only to be fired two days before my ninety days was up. While California is an at will employment state they don’t need a reason. They need even less while in your ninety days. From day one my boss had a vendetta against me. She consistently gave me three departments to cover usually toys hba and sporting goods. Toward the end of my shift she would bring everyone over to point of things I did wrong and have everyone fix my horrible zone. When she fired me i asked for a reason why and she gave me the arbitrary reason of “I just feel like this job isn’t a good fit for you.” later do I find out that my executive team lead didn’t even know she wanted to fire me and that HR said if she wanted me gone she would have to be the one to do it.

  • November 24, 2013 - viciousdave

    You didn’t ask any guests about the red card

    I’m a cashier at Target, I hate the hell out of it as I have never liked human interaction and have been anti social since my young life.  Naturally I’m just an independent introverted person.  I went to work today, I didn’t ask anybody about save 5% with our red card it’s great.  My team lead talks to me in the HR office, why haven’t you done your job?  What?  “Your obligation is to ask the guests if they’d like the red card and tell them about the benefits.”  Truthful as I am I said to her I’m sorry and that I am tired as I am always tired in the morning hours barely being able to focus.