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  • January 14, 2014 - iHateTargetMore

    Worst. Target. Store. Ever

    I get chewed out for not wearing a PDA holster by the alcoholic TL trainee barely 23 years old, then an hour later catch him walking to the backroom carrying a PDA with no holster! Then I go on my lunch and as I say over the walkie, “This is _______, I’m taking my 30, Will’s got the boat.” I guess someone walkied over me, because when I got back I got chewed out AGAIN by that TL! He kept saying “When you take breaks and lunches you gotta call it on the walkie,” and “Geez, this is like working with children…” and I’m like “Uh I did, you didnt hear it?” He says “No I didn’t, maybe next time try being a little more responsible.” and I’m there thinking, responsible? Where do you get off saying that? It’s like I’m only there to be harassed by him, like I’m back in high school or some sh*t and I keep getting picked on by popular kids. And all the popular kids are LOD’s and us regular team members are the losers and geeks. And it doesn’t stop there, even the other LOD’s get in on it. What’s sad is that I started at another Target and it wasn’t at all like this, everyone was nice and polite and never rude. But then I transferred to live with a friend and here at the 1115 store we have high school-esque cliques of LOD’s and a tyrannical STL.  I deal with it ALL the time, no matter what I do or say I still get the shaft. I can’t wait to get out of there!