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  • February 29, 2020 - throwaway78946


    Hello, all! I’ve been an employee at Target for over two years and I’m ready to move on. I started out as a seasonal cashier in 2017, and I worked in that position for about a year before I started working at guest service.

    Although it has very strong competition, guest service is arguably the worst department in the whole store.

  • April 21, 2013 - targetsucks52

    I’m done with this place

    I have been here for 7 years. SEVEN YEARS! I transferred to this store. Thinking I can better my experience at Target and promote. My first time applying for TL hadn’t even gotten my interview yet, and I was already hearing that someone else had gotten the position. My second time, my HR treated me horribly throughout the entire interview. Making me feel like crap about everything I said. Ever since that interview, she has treated me even more horribly. Recently I had issues with my pay check. My HR told me it was my fault, and gave me attitude and lied that she “can’t do anything about it”. Bull. I’ve had my old HR help me with a problem with a paycheck before. You only get promoted if you’re a favorite of HR. They even made a TL position for HR just so they can promote a favorite. You’re only gold if you get RedCards. The favoritism that goes on in this store is ridiculous. I get all kinds of guests commenting about how great I am. But, I get nothing for it. I had been trying SO hard to promote, but the way they are treating me is awful. I can’t believe these LODs even have a job after being open for 2 years. I dread going into work now. Screw you, Target!