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  • June 4, 2012 - sixEZpayments

    suck my A S S !!

    I really wish I could’ve worked with some of the people from this site because all of my ex-coworkers are pieces of shit, fuck, cock and ass.


    Normally you’d expect assholeness from the (mis)management types but everyone at my store, #233 in Possum Ridge, Arkansas, is fuckin’ mean and worthless. HERE WE GO:


    To begin, I’m 6’9″, 400 lbs. Being large is hard sometimes. Our store, located in the South, is constantly hot because they RE-FUCKIN-FUSE to turn the god damn A/C on. When I’m out there moving, stocking shit, makin’ bacon, I generate a lot of fuckin’ heat and sweat. I got in trouble one day because they said I was out of uniform. Okay, HELLO, my pants were khaki when I got there, now they’re dark brown because they’re SOAKED in my own body fluids. I tried to explain the situation but my TL told me that’s ridiculous and to stop, and I quote, “…stinkin’ up on the joint” CAN THEY EVEN SAY THAT?! I work hard for my $8.50/hr and I’m nice as shit to customers, even the quadriplegic girl that yells because she can’t move or do things like you and me.


    Once they started on my sweating, naturally the complaints came in about my odor. I try, REALLY HARD, not to smell like unions and ass but that store IS SO GODDAMN HOT AND I’M A FUCKIN BIG GUY! I even bought some deodorant on my break and rubbed myself down in the back near the pallet storage. One of my co-workers saw me and took a picture