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August 25, 2013 - bananasuit

T1846 sucks big hairy donkey balls

FUCK YOU T1846 for being assholes and bitches! Find any excuse to fire good people! my favorite GSA was fired for coupons! Really? What about ETL’s holding clearance in their offices?

Why isn’t that a violation of store policy? There’s a GSTL that puts clearance shit on hold ALL the time so tell me why the violating of store policy doesn’t apply to her?

I’ll tell you why, cause management team cover each others ass and if you are one they like then you can do whatever the fuck you want and there will be no consequences. I call it BULLSHIT!

The whole store is even worse as for as morale it seems like every time someone gets fired the team (excluding the ETL’s) is affected. What about being more FFF yourselves ETL’s all of you sorry ass kissers lack FFF and if you do show it it’s fake as a motherfucker!

One day this company (T1846) will have a huge wake up call and better believe it’ll hit the news!





    There's 2 law suits going in California and supposedly one of those stores is yours with the yarn necklace crap.

    To fix the etls who keep hiding clearance merchandise in their office, call the hr line and document when you call.

    Also try calling the local news channel like 2 on your side, and shine some light on them.

    Their attitudes will change when the news and then corporate gets involved.

  • katiepurrs says:

    So another tm was accused of posting on this site and she has never posted on here. Why do Rebecca, Erika, Bri, and Adriana think they have the right to accuse anyone in particular? One of their own ETL's posted on here under the name "ROMPERSTOMPER" but in his case it ok? Bullshit!
    I wonder if the DTL knows that one of his ETL's posted on this site? My guess, probably not cause they are all little maggots and they cover each others ass. Sad to see good hard working people get fired over dumb shit might as well fire them for wearing the wrong color shade of khaki!
    Such awfulness in this store, if you're not getting fired you're transferring to a different store. It is ridiculous how some of the female ETL's walk around like their shit don't stink. I wonder if they get looked on camera like everyone else does? I pretty much doubt it cause if that was the case they would of fired Erika for holding clearance in her office!
    Even Martha the GSTL holds clearance for weeks and she's always leaving early or calling out yet it's ok? It's probably ok because she can change her time on the schedule since she has access or most likely cause her comadre which is senior human resources team lead changes it for her. Which I have witnessed myself. And other ETL's do the same for certain people which I have seen myself many times.
    There is absolutely no justice in this store what so ever!


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