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August 10, 2013 - bananasuit

T1846 is trying to control or own personal feelings

So a very good friend of mine was talked to about “expressing” himself about his own personal life. Fucking really???? What the fuck is the ETL’s fucking problem! we and I say we because a lot of us have gotten spoke to about that as well. Front lanes, backroom, sales floor every where every department has gotten spoke to about this bullshit!

Who cares if I want to talk about or vent about what I’m going through, it’s my choice. These motherfuckers wanna take away our freedom if speech! Get a fucken life bunch of idiots. Mind your own lame ass lives. If I wanna talk about what color and texture my shit was today when I took a shit THAT’S MY CHOICE!

You all managers should just go back to school and learn how to work on your own instead of in pairs like all of you always do. You guys are a disgrace to the morale of this store, this store is fucking ridiculous and all of you think your shit don’t stink. Go fuck yourselves!


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  • cihysfstfu says:

    That is just another way for our ETL's to control us like puppets on a string. Totally uncalled for its pretty sad that they want to interfere with our own personal life.

    I swear this store is like being in prison.


    Technically as long as you didn't offend some one with what you were talking about they don't have grounds to write you up.

    If they are speaking to you about stuff write it down. date and time approximately.

    That little law suit that supposedly is happening. That will add fuel to fire due to harassment.


    To be honest with you I got so tired of their shit I had stopped talking to most the people there. Except for a few I was close with. Rest of them were fake it seemed. Especially the etls. Don't say much in front of them, they'll stab you in the back faster than the fat bitch that sat down too fast.

  • yeahright says:

    The funny thing is that in order to become an ETL you have to have a degree, even if you have no prior retail experience. And yet they wonder why no one is happy when the people running these stores have no idea what they're doing.

  • Thatwierdguy says:

    I'll take this as a caution to not trust my leaders and only trust those who I got along with at orientation.


    Even then I would still watch your ass. My last store I had a handful of people I trusted. At the latest store I was at I trusted maybe 3.

  • edelmira says:

    All these new ETL's in training have absolutely no work experience because that's the first thing I ask them when I meet them. A degree, yeah you can have a degree in picking lint out of your belly button and you'll get hired as an Etl at any target. Believe me!


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