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August 25, 2013 - cihysfstfu

T1846 another bites the dust

Okay so lets see how do I go about starting this new thread? Oh okay I got it, target hates you, dislikes you and here’s the reason you’re getting fired____________________ (fill in the lame blank). So a friend got fired today for a violation of “company policy” hmmmmm lets see???????? Oh wait if that’s the case then there is soooooooooo many of us that should of gotten fired by now. I won’t go into details cause I don’t wanna put her on blast but I personally think that they found any excuse to get rid of her. Don’t know what member of management fired her but all I can say is that TARGET SUCKS! I kinda feel happy for her kinda bittersweet because I’m happy that she doesn’t have to put up with the bullshit at the worse company ever but it sucks that she doesn’t have a job now. I’m sure she will find something, she’s a hard worker and an awesome person to work with. FUCK YOU TARGET!


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