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September 4, 2013 - edelmira


We LOVE you “”

heres a funny story: so the ETL’s at the hell hole were/are blaming this girl that goes by the name Cloud, I think it’s sad and shitty that they point fingers at people without really knowing who’s who on here.

Another thing that I love about is that EVERYONE refers to target as “the hell hole” is that fucking cool or what. None of us know who’s who on here yet we’re on the same page. That is too cool!

Theres this other girl and a guy who work at this store that have been questioned and  blamed for this site. Really? Come on management go pretend you’re working, walk around in two’s like you always do. Pick up strays or pick the wedgie out of your ass flick a booger at the team members it’s no different that overly using them to work harder so all of you can look good when there’s a visit.

Sure have team members bust their ass and you get all the credit………..that’s what you call: SHADY! And that’s how this store rolls.

will the real slim shady please stand up? Hahahaha ok all of you win the shady award!


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  • TargetSucks says:

    If I'm ever in that area, I need to visit your store. I feel like I'd be a superhero if anybody knew who I was. I'll just walk around with smirk. 😉

  • viciousdave says:

    Same way at my store. We cashiers do all the work, say hello to guests, pack bags, ask questions, would you like our red card saving 5%, you want that milk in a bag. While the TLs don't do shit, just stand around all day walking down and into guest service and get to some people there to help. Flashing lights at a lane, no help. Dipshits don't do real work. Need help, customer question about the price of an item. Where's GSTL? 15 minutes later, guest says "where the hell were you, he had this light on forever damn it, why the hell you take so damn long, jesus hell on you." GSTL, "I'm sorry mam, what can I help you with?" Like nothing is wrong. See, GSTLs, TLs of all kind are pure shit bags and should be fired. We are the real workers.


    Lol I don't think many people know about the website to be honest. Only reason I found out was because a guy I was cool with at my last store told me.

  • cihysfstfu says:

    @targetsucks oh my god that would be so awesome if I could meet you! A lot of us at T1846 would obsoletely love that and maybe you can meet our stupid ass ETL's.


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