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March 28, 2016 - slimjo

T1381selfish, fake, & hypocritcal

Just want to make a few points. The LODs at this store are a joke. All they care about is getting their bonuses at the end of the year. You don’t get those bonuses because YOU did any work. You get them because of US. The team members. Forget calling off for family emergencies  or illness. God forbid you have kids or are going through a divorce or custody battle. The LODs dont care. They expect you to show up no matter what and be happy and “vibe.” And no. I NEVER ask guests if they want a redcard because to be honest, redcards are a pain in the ass. I’ve actually had my own redcard deactivated so that target would stop taking money from me. I’ve actually told guests NOT to get them and why. I was hired for hardlines. But I might as well be a full time cashier. They claim to not have any hours to give and say they are over staffed but we have two cashiers on the busiest weekends of the year and one person in the sales floor. Why? It’s bullshit. Also, plenty of CO workers of mine work a second job and/or go to school and target has worked with them on their availability. But when someone I know gets a second job and is only able to work mornings and every other weekend closing, “it doesn’t fit the business needs.” They actually said she will more than likely have to put in her two weeks because they don’t want to be as flexible with her as she’s been for them. Forget Christmas bonuses or even a simple Christmas party. Nope. No sort of apprection is shown to any employee. Hell, they wouldn’t even fire an employee who had a second sexual harassment complaint filed against him. They had the nerve to tell the “victim” that it was her fault for not drawing a clearer line. Not to mention that when a regular team member’s family member dies we get nothing. Not even a sympathy card. But an LOD’S grandma dies and money us pulled together to buy her a basket full of goodies to help her through it. Fucking really? That LOD doesn’t even want shit to do with anyone unless they’ve got a burger in their hand. None if them can be trusted. One talks and acts like a half r******d valley girl. Another sounds like that annoying Bernadette from TBBT. One is gay and doesn’t even know it. He collects video game characters and thinks people who smoke are “ignorant.” Umm…40 year old men who think women have no room in the workplace, talk to everyone in a condescending tone, and collect toys are beyond ingnorant. The one LOD who does any work runs ger mouth about people and tgeir personal issues. Back stabbing bitch. The LODs are never on the floor working.  They stand around and talk to each other but want us sales floor people to work separately. They are glorified babysitters and don’t deserve half the pay or credit they get. They are only ever seen hanging out in the back room or at TSC. Fuck target. Especially T1381. I know all of this was random but I was just venting problems as I recalled them. I hate this store and all that it stands for. I will finally be able to quit soon! Thank God! And when I do I will bash target on every social media site I can think of. You can’t buy Facebook, stupid corporate assholes. People should know just how fucked up this company is. They don’t care about their employees. Not at all.




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  • SoAnxiousToday says:

    I agree completely. I've been working at Target for nearly a year now, and I do have health issues and had to go home early or to the ER and all they have to say is "this counts towards your attendance" - like I really planned on coming in for 2hrs and leaving in near tears of agony. Seriously, fuck this place - fuck retail.

  • MrSharkNasty says:

    I full agree with pretty much everything you said expect for your offensive remarks concerning someone who you think is gay but doesn't know it. I also take issue with the part about smoking. Smoking is for weak individuals who struggle with coping skills. Working out is a much better outlet than smoking. I have never met a smoker who is a strong capable person, they're typically struggling mentality and that's how they self medicate the issue.

  • viciousdave says:

    I know, it all stupid. In my opinion those are do things physically are supposed to get paid more, those who just sit on there ass all day are lazy and don't deserve as much money. We sweat and move things and check out and stock and fill isles. We do the actual work, they just sit there figuring out numbers for stock of products and counting the money at the end of the day. All the leaders think think they can rule like a communist can, this is America, the right to freedom is that we can voice our own opinions and motivate our own desires.

  • texastargetsucks says:

    dude none of this is random.every problem you described happens at my store, t2467. I take complete advantage of my store now. I know just how little work I can get away with, and thats all I do.

  • deathmetal says:

    I still can't fathom in my mind why the parasites gets all the glory (bonus) when the little guys do all the work? I mean in my mind that is criminal, legalized crime.


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