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March 14, 2016 - T1349 HELL


First let’s start off by saying “I’ll call a spade a spade”.   Which is not Tarshit “Brand”.  They want ass kissers and 20 somethings right out of college with no experience.  But that’s not my rant….this is:  I have been placed in a medical emergency two times since January.  Today was the second.  I’m not even going to use their bullshit ABC titles.  The store manager, my team leader and the new HR guy know I have diabetes.  Since calling the hotline in January they’ve been on time with my breaks and meals.  But “there has been something the air” since I got called from District and talked with the store manager.  Who, when spoke to me about it,  leaned in with that evil stare and said “You must believe me I would never endanger you or your health”. So they’ve been looking for something to get on me but they can’t.   EVIL, EVIL.  So today I’m 8-3, guest service looks at the schedule 50 times a shift.  Had been going to meals 12 or 12:30,  Not today it’s 1:40 after I’ve flagged down the store manager, who decides he needs to talk (while leaning on the Cafe’ wall to another employee before he thinks to come to see the reason I’ve gotten his attention in the first place).  I am shaking, getting ready to puke, light headed, head ache, blood sugar is dropping fast.  He walks me to the time clock, i punch out, go out thru TSC door and puke in the parking lot before I could make it to my car.  I take my 31 (now 2:10) remember I get off at 3.  Finish shift and went straight to HR clown.  He actually grinned at me when I said Tarshit again had again made me ill, and put my health and life at risk.    Well, guess what I’ve called the hotline again and I’ve LAWYER’D UP!!!!.  He is one of the best in our state and loves talking to reporters.  “Just how many others are out there are being done the same way” is going to be his first question.  And expose them for what they are.   I’ve read even if I win they’ll drag it out for years.  But my attorney WILL make an example out  of Target.  They’ve gone and pissed off the wrong Southern Lady who knows the ADA Laws and EEOC Laws.  I was in HR for over 18 years, which means when HR guy was just a sperm and egg getting ready to  meet, I HAD A REAL FUCKING JOB!!!!!!!  SO FU TARGET.  EMPLOYERS WITH OVER 5000 EMPLOYEES THE COMPENSATION IS $300,000.00,  SO LAWYER GETS 1/3.  $200,000 WILL BE A NICE ADDITION TO MY NEST EGG!!!!!!!!!!!!  ANYONE FROM T1349 KNOWS WHO I AM BECAUSE THERE IS ONLY 3 OF US.  BUT FU YOU TOO!


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  • keithot says:

    Wow! You are one smart, tough cookie! Good for you! Hopefully others will follow in your lead and utilize their rights, under the law! Good luck to you!

  • MrSharkNasty says:

    Not all that bright if you ask me. Any decent lawyer would advise such post are not in their clients best interest. To me this troll sounds like an over weight person who has diabetes. The interesting part is she/he want's Target to take care of her/him, but this individual clearly has never taken care of themselves in the first place. Had they simply worked out and ate properly they would have never developed this illness.


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