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October 12, 2013 - DestroyTarget


I’ve worked in a Target in Atlanta Ga for five months and before I’ve worked a whole month there, I’ve hated it. I am a cashier and constantly have to move my guests to one register to another because either the magswipe readers, the pinpads, or the computer monitors do not work. Sometimes the monitors’ screen freezes or the computer reboots in the middle of a transaction! There is only one cash register that is in good shape, but I’m lucky if I can stay there for the whole shift because my LODs often move me to the Guest Service side or the grocery side. As for REDcards, I don’t know how the other cashiers can sell two or three sometimes. I never manage to sell a REDcard no matter how I ask. My guests either have one or they say “No thank you”. Because of this, my conversion score is almost always zero. I lose confidence and I stop asking people if they’d like to apply for one. I don’t like asking, anyway. At my Target, cashiers must ask every customer, no exceptions. One time I was caught not asking everyone and got a warning, and I got another one today. How can anyone ask EVERY guest if they’d want a REDcard and list the benefits for five to eight hours almost every day, especially on a busy one? That’s tiring and some people have bad credit and aren’t eligible for another credit or debit card. Some people do not shop at Target (or online) often enough to need the discount. Five percent off is too little, anyway; it’s less than tax. It’s not my fault they keep saying no; I can’t force them to take it. Every workday I am asked every hour if I’ve sold a REDcard, how I am asking each guest, if I am asking each guest, and how my conversion score is still zero. The LODs will stand behind me and make sure I ask everyone. They never hear everything I say, anyway. Today they said I didn’t ask my last two guests when I did and I got in trouble for it. I even said that one already had a Target card and the other one refused the offer and they didn’t believe me! Another problem is that one LOD expects me to smile widely, act energetically and bubbly when I greet guests. I may look fourteen or twelve to many people, but I am a grown woman and bubbly is not my personality. I know there are bubbly adults out there, but I’m just not one of them, and since I am always treated like a child due to my appearance, I prefer to act my age, yet be courteous at the same time. I think it’s weird when the LODs told me to smile more, since the elderly cashiers and the cart attendant who helps us on busy days never have to smile as much (the cart attendant never smiles, nor is he ever energetic). Besides, being bubbly and grinning for five to eight hours gets tiring as well. I’ve tried it, and amazingly I did this for about two weeks. No one told me faking your mood would be so tiring by closing time. As for my breaks, they are often skipped. Sometimes it’s ok because the LOD is too busy to constantly check the clipboard like he or she should, but when it’s obviously my break time and they are laughing and chatting with their friends, or lets a cashier go on a break when I should go before them, that just makes me boiling mad. I have a high metabolism that fuels my anger, and aching feet and a sore back from continuously standing doesn’t help, either…And this is unrelated, but those bathrooms stink. I never use public bathrooms unless it is an emergency. What in the world did those people eat? As for the parents, why do they never warn me if their baby chewed on an item? Do they get a kick out of seeing my reaction when I touch an item that’s covered in slobber? “Sorry” is not going to fix it!

I’ve been thinking of transferring to another Target because the cashiers that work there never ask me for a REDcard.  Then again, their LODs and TLs never seem to be around to make sure they ask by the time I arrive at a register. I’ve also heard that in order to transfer, I’d have to have a good conversion score. I’d better quit, huh? As soon as I earn enough money for a few college semesters, I’ll quit!


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  • viciousdave says:

    Regardless of Target, this economy is worse than ever. Don't worry if they fire you for the wrong reasons or fire you at all. Don't worry about quiting because there is better jobs with less stress. There will always be a way to pay for your life. You may do as simply as I did, admit the complete truth that you feel violated and depressed over asking and reveiving no after no and yell after yell of hell no coming on to you that you can't do it anymore. If they say that's not good enough, just say, I'm sorry I can't be what you want me to be, I am only myself, and if they fire you for that, that's when you know you're better than them.


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