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October 9, 2014 - Taz2532

Swap Shift

Hello so this semester of college is getting really tough and I sometimes cannot work days that I’m suppose to work because I have ┬áBig Exam the following day and I sometimes do need a full day off in the weekend so I can study my butt off. Therefore I usually give my hours away to people who want them and my STL got upset because I do it too often and she will count them as Call Outs! I don’t understand the logic in that because Im giving hours away therefor someone will come in regardless…so I don’t see the problem what do you guys think I should do?, because i still have a good half of the semester left and my school is the main priority.


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  • TargetSucks says:

    Fuck target. That's always the answer.

  • Silverfox says:

    Just quit unless you need the money for tuition

  • mrsirsir says:

    They are suppose to understand. School comes first

  • BlazePresley says:

    We take a miniscule paycheck as full time students because some pay is better than none. In trade, the retail store like Target gets cheap labor and a lot of production. The least they can do is work with school schedules considering we can never earn a living wage as a team member working for them. Fuck this shit!

  • TargetMinion says:

    They can't give you shit for putting shifts on the swap shift board. If you already talked to your ETL or TL and requested less hours due to your school schedule and they couldn't accomodate it, then you have every right to put them on the Swap Shift Board.


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