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November 7, 2013 - AVSIII

Suspicions at Target

Target is one of the strangest working environment I have even worked at. I am going to write about my observations while I was working at Target.


My first observed suspicion was when I applied at Target. I applied for employment at Target since I first graduated from high school. Ever since, I applied and I applied at Target. To no avail, I never get hired at Target for some reason – I always wander, “Why?”. I do get interviews from time and time again, but, I never get hire at Target. And, it is only after I have learned to answer the assessment questionnaire – I have learned tricks in answering it.

Target was one of the first businesses that has a computer based on-line application which any one can apply in person at location. Ever since and as far as I can recall in the late 80’s. It is the only places where you and I have to answer assessment questionnaire at that time and today.

Back then, I have no idea how to answer those assessment questionnaire, let alone, hate them. But, as time pasts on, I start to get very smart on how to answer those questionnaires. I started to notice the questionnaire are fishing for someone who is easy to control, someone who won’t fight back against the company. I started answering those assessment questionnaire as such – Someone who won’t fight against the company, easy to control, someone who won’t notice what is going on – I started to get interviews from Target and I finally get hired.


My second and third observed suspicions was when I was having my first orientation. They shown us videos and signed some papers.

One video that they shown us was on the Union. They gave us so much hick and propaganda on the Union. They try so hard to convince us all not to join the Union. I always wonder “Why?”. The video has given the reasons why not to join the Union. And, none of the reasoning the video made, made any sense – Target is worry about something. This is the second observed suspicion.


My third observed suspicion was on a lunch-break policy. The policy dictates that employees are to take their lunch-break before the fifth hour of our work schedule for that day. They even go as far as to say that this is a California law.

I know that the California law for breaks is that employees go to their 10 minutes break for every four hours. Go to 30 minute lunch-break if we are to work for five hours. There is nothing in the California law that even dictates for employees to go on their lunch-break before, during, or after the fifth hour.

On the my orientation day, they even made us all sign an agreement affidavit to that “lunch-break – before-the-fifth-hour” policy. If it is a California law, why do we need to sign an agreement affidavit for it?


My fourth observed suspicion was during the time I was working there. There is always new faces at Target. I noticed that Target has a huge turn-over of employees. Employees are getting fired from left to right – New employees are getting hired. Wow, how can Target afford to do this – How can Target continue like this. I was so worry that I am next on the list. I notice that it is the minorities that is the only ones that is getting fired. But, then again, the minorities are the majorities of the work-force at the Target I was employed at. Not necessity the majority of power. I also notice that none of the non-minorities are not the ones that is getting fired.


My fifth observed suspicion is that Target has a huge gap between the management and the new-hires. The new employees does not even gets the chance to even make one year anniversary before they are fired. There are managers that has been working for Target for three, four, five, all the way to 10 years and maybe even more. I’ve never seen anything like this before of all the times I’ve been working for other companies. This brings me to the sixth observed suspicion.


My sixth observed suspicion are the management. I notice that there is a middle management and a high ranking managers. Now, the high ranking managers are the most unusual group of individuals. None of them have worked from the bottom and up. They did not rinse up to their position from simple beginnings when they were first hired – They were hired from the street to their high-ranking positions. None of them ever work as cashier, food-avenue, or what ever low level beginning positions.

The “high ranking managers” have an unusual demeanor. They behave very nerves, they have unsecured behavior, they act very paranoid. I never seen this kind of demeanor in a manager before. Of all the managers I have worked for, they all act and behave with a very strong and confident demeanor as opposed to what Target’s high-ranking-manager’s demeanor.

For some reason all of the “high ranking managers” are all non-minorities.

Now for the middle management – A completely different animal compare to the “high ranking managers”. Middle-management are a mix of minorities and non-minorities, young and old, male and female. But, their demeanor are again completely odd. They behave almost to the point of harassment. They are actively looking to create problems, looking for anything to pin someone with something that will give the “human resource” manager an excuse to fire. They act as though they are try so hard to prove themselves – Make a name for them selves.


My seventh observed suspicion is the behavior of the “human resource” manager towards me. I am a diabetic, as a diabetic, I sweat a lot when I am working and when my blood-sugar levels are low. The “human resource” manager calls me in to his office to talk about the problem of my sweating. I never consider my diabetic-sweat to be a problem. It is normal for me to sweat. He wanted me to find a solution to the so call problem.

I was so insulted, not the fact that the “human resource” manager noticed my sweat, it is the fact that the “human resource” manager was beating around the bush of me for sweating. He try so hard not to say it and point it out. I’ve should of spoke out on this the moment it happened.

I have to wear Target smocks that was meant exclusively for middle management – A black shirt, I have to wear an undershirt, and a Target vest to conceal my sweat. A Target security pointed out to me why was I wearing those clothes. I told him the reason, and he continues to tell me of a women who used to work at my position. She had acne all over her face. They made changes for her to work at a different position away from people and costumers.


And, finally, my eighth observed suspicion is when I got fired. I some how violated two of the “lunch-break – before-the-fifth-hour” policy. The second violation of this policy is partly my fault. The “clock-in, clock-out” machine wasn’t working. I have to go on the computer to manually input my hours, so of to speak of.

On that day, one of the girls called in sick, it was one of the busiest day I’ve ever worked on for a Sunday. I was falling behind on everything. I was so tired, angry, and disappointed of what has happened on that day. I was planing to manually input my hours into the computer the next day, I wasn’t in the mood to do so. But, I did, I couldn’t remember when I took my lunch-break, so I just input what ever time I can think of at the time. I know for sure that I’ve gone to my lunch-break way before the fifth hour.

And, now the first violation of the “lunch-break – before-the-fifth-hour” policy – I don’t even know how this happened. I was originally schedule to come in at 4 PM to 8 PM – But, they call me in, they wanted me to come-in a half-hour early, 3:30 PM to 8 PM. I only worked for four and the half hours of labor – I didn’t even need to go on my lunch-break on that day sense it wasn’t going to go beyond the fifth hour.

What gets me the most is that it took 15 days for the “human resource” manager to mention the first violation of the “lunch-break – before-the-fifth-hour” policy. It was on my last day of my employment, on the day that I got fired, that I was told about the first violation of the “lunch-break – before-the-fifth-hour” policy. The “human resource” manager did not even mention anything about the second violation. The “human resource” manager didn’t even given me enough time to figure out what was going on or even to rectify it – It is as if the “human resource” manager purposefully made it, in order to fire me.


When I got hired at Target. It was one of the best things that ever happened to me and at the same time, the worst. I thought that I am going to make it after-all in this life. I don’t know what is going on with Target. If knew, I would never seek out employment with Target. I was heart broken when they fired me. I couldn’t believe what was going on – It was the first time I have ever got fired in my life time.

It is my suspicion that Target is actively circulating minorities in and out of their employment at Target in-order to keep them from reaching high-level management. There is a “glass-ceiling” that keeps minorities from reaching to high-level management – Not even the middle management can get through, unless your in the non-minorities group. Non-minorities are the only ones who can get through it and gets hired out of the street into high-level management. Target is actively practicing racial profiling, bigotry, and prejudice against minorities and holding them all back.

It also explains the reasons why Target does not what the employees from becoming unionized.

Target will loose control, Target will not be able to dictate who get to be promoted into high management levels, Target will loose the ability to dictate in what position any employees can be at. If Target were to unionize – it would be truly an equal opportunity working environment for every one. Target would not be able to hire outsiders for high-level management – High-level management would come from the promotion that is rewarded to employee’s for their hard work done, for good work done, and for seniority.

Somebody needs to do something about this. Target is so good at hiding the truth of what is going on at all the Target stores, they keep paper work down to a minim – There is on paper trail. But, they are very depended on machine, electronics, and on computers. Without them, they are useless, impotent, and crippled.

What I like about computers, it is their ability to keep information, it is hard, almost impossible to make any changes without evidence that someone has made changes to it. IT CAN ALL BE TRACED & DISCOVERED!

We all need to boycott Target. I myself no long go to and shop at Target stores anymore. I go as far as to tell all my friends and family members not to shop there anymore. I even wrote to web-sites like this ( and to telling them and everybody of my observations and suspicions. I wrote to investigative News media of my observations and suspicions of what is going on in Target. I even wrote to government agencies and to special groups.

Anyone who worked for Target, needs to do something – Speak out, make your voice heard and load.

But, then again, I can be wrong – Sense Target is the most social working environment. It is like going back to junior high school or high school. I feel like I have to proof myself that I am cool and part of the guys. I never worked in a business that has a social culture environmental like this.

But there is no denying of what is going on with all Target stores. Don’t take my word for it, find out for yourself – And, investigate and experience it yourself…




  • TargetSucks says:

    Wow, the award for the longest post goes to you. I didn't read the whole thing, but I will say that every big box retailer has the same policy with breaks. The reason is because the law requires you to have a 30 minute break for EVERY 5 hours that you work. So if you work 10 hours, you need to take two lunches.

    In theory you could work 7 hours, and take your lunch break at the 6th hour, but they don't do that because things could get too busy, or maybe you leave early. Then it becomes a liability issue for them.

    That being said, target sucks. Fuck target.

  • ohiogal911 says:

    read my post..tell me whats up with that....and its there loss...they want they young and be able to tell them what to do....much like the service,army etc....

  • ProhibitionRose says:

    I personally don't know if I agree with the "racial profiling" thing because I have seen "minority" store managers. Assuming you are speaking of Hispanics as the minority. In this day and age, they are no longer in the minority. In fact, in states like Arizona, Texas and California, Caucasians are the minority.
    I think that you pretty much have to have your head as far up Target's ass as possible in order to become upper management. What they did sucks. Hell, the way they treat all of us sucks.
    Look at this as a learning experience. You can say you worked for the most messed up corporation ever. You'll find a better job where they treat you infinitely better. Try Toys R Us, if you enjoy retail. From what I can see they are a decent company to work for.
    The lunch break thing is pretty standard with all companies unless you're getting paid under the table...


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