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December 8, 2017 - a7xfan4995

Supposed “Promotion”

So, I quit working at Target over a year ago. I was primarily sales floor but got cross-trained in every other area except backroom. As soon as I quit Target, I began dating a guy I knew on flow team. It’s been over a year since we began dating and he’s still slaving away at Target. He’s been there for over 2 years now and has really only done logistics. I’ve been pushing him to apply elsewhere and find something better but he insists that nowhere else would pay him as much. His new ETL now has talked to him about possibly promoting him to flow TL. Unfortunately though, he has no previous management experience as Target is his first and still only job he’s had. I saw many people get talked to about possible promotions but Target loves to dangle that stuff in front of employees just to get them to work harder for nothing. My boyfriend has his eyes set on this promotion and refuses to look anywhere else. I just fear they may screw him over and hire someone else from the outside as they always do. Target almost never promotes people in-store. I really just told him not to get his hopes too high up.


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