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September 28, 2014 - baristanightwing

Supporting theft

Gosh I don’t know that I’ve ever seen such unprofessionalism from a company I’ve worked for. Recently during a shift it came to my attention a coworker was stealing. They wanted me to partake as well. I played it off and declined. As I am saving toward moving and losing my job would be a great draw back I decided the best course of action was to contact the lod. Well because of time constraints I wasn’t able to talk to them till the next day. When we finally did however I was shocked as her reaction was basically to dismiss and not address the issue. Practically covering for her like buddy buddy. It’s no secret they play favorites based on seniority and who’s willing to gossip but going so far as to condone theft?! I can’t believe it.


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  • karimoon says:

    I can, they cover for their buddies when they sit on their behinds not doing anything all day but looking over someone elses shoulder yelling at others to 'hurry up' when they aren't lifting a finger to move product. All the higher ups at my old store, stl, lods etc., spent every beginning of their shift for at least an hour walking around chit-chatting about personal stuff only stopping to engage their floor team friends who also stood around for at least 45 mins per shift talking about non-work related things just having a merry old time. If there was a huddle that day these would be the first people bitching about the work of the flow team. Never lifting a finger to help us even when we had numerous call offs, they'd find it appropriate to constantly criticize us claiming we talk to each other too much, we don't engage guests enough, we're too slow etc.! Ha hilarious! We moved faster than any of their lazy asses & the employee thieves of the store were always from their ranks.
    They'd never point out that their friends stood around talking with guests walking right past. So glad I quit.


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