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February 10, 2015 - dontshoptarget

Suing Target On My Own

Having to sue Target on my own but the head pharmacist thought it was ok to falsely accuse me of being a doctor/pill shopper right next to the main customer service desk. I warned him that such a breach of privacy would result in action on my part but he basically told me to bring it. So I’ll be linking to a website detailing my lawsuit soon. If any pharmacists or pharmacy employees know of anything that could help me in my suit it would be appreciated. I have a snowflake’s chance in hell of getting anywhere but so far I’ve gotten to the disclosures and discovery so at least it will be interesting.


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  • viciousdave says:

    Not understanding completely. He thought you were a doctor who knew pills. Well if your not than what's this about? I would just let it go than if it's that simple. You told him your not a doctor and you didn't give your full information about yourself. Lots of cashiers I've seen work back in pharmacy to work casiers of pharmacy. So again, I'm not getting it.

    • dontshoptarget says:


      Doctor shopper is someone who goes from one doctor to another attempting to illegally gain multiple controlled substance prescriptions. The normal context for that type of illegal behavior is when the doctors are unaware of the previous prescriptions. I went to a family practice doctor in September 2013 when I quit drinking. Went to her 3 times for a total of $550.00. Each time I told her that I was suffering from anxiety. The first month she (her own words) didn't believe that I would actually quit so she prescribed me nothing. The second visit a month later she prescribed a very low dose of an anti-anxiety medication that pretty much did nothing. The third visit I told her that it did nothing and asked her for something else. She said she would call it in, never did, called her back, she called in a 20-day supply of a different med but still in a very low dose that was ineffective.

      Growing tired of paying a lot of money for a doctor that didn't seem to listen to me I decided to goto another doctor (you know the old 2nd opinion thing). I fully disclosed everything I had been prescribed by doctor #1 both in quantities and amounts. Doctor #2 agreed and prescribed a similar medication in a stronger dose. I went to fill that prescription and Steve the pharmacist helping me said he couldn't do it because it was the same class of meds and it was too soon since the last script. I pointed out that it was a different strength and different med but he said to come back on the 26th and it would be ready for me.

      Went back on the 27th. Wasn't ready. Complained to a tech. Tech claims he didn't see anything in system. I went to store asst manager to complain about service. She talks to tech who claims he can't make a phone call to doctor. I tell her either he is incompetent or lying but either way I wanted a phone number or address to complain.

      While waiting for that guy in white coat shows up. Talks to asst manager about 100 feet away. She leaves, comes back, talks to him some more and then finally he approaches me and accuses me of doctor/pill shopping i.e. illegally attempting to gain controlled substances. He listed medication names, strengths, numbers (some of which he got wrong to my detriment even further) All this happened right next to the main customer service desk.

      Happy to post the whole thing that I sent to the state and the office of civil rights if you would like but it was long so I was trying not to bore anyone with too much detail.

      • Silverfox says:

        Here. Drive up to Canada. Drop into a walk in clinic. Get a prescription. Get it filled at a pharmacy. It shouldn't cost you more than 25 dollars per visit.

  • worst_dec_ever says:


    • dontshoptarget says:

      Crackheads don't sue. They run. The certainly don't sue on their own and keep Target and its attorneys working for a year. So when you say crackhead would you please elaborate?


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