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November 5, 2009 - TargetSucks

Stupid Store Policies

I bought an iced-tea maker on clearance. Two days later my friend bought the same one for half the price. I went back to Target with my receipt for them to adjust the price the day after my friend got his. So THREE days after I purchased the iced-tea maker, they told me there was nothing they could do to adjust the price it’s “against their store policy to adjust clearance items.” FUCK THAT! I had it for 3 days and the day before my friend gets it for half the price, what the hell is that about? They told me the only thing I could do is return it for a refund, and let it go through the return process. IF they put it back on the shelf I can repurchase it at the discounted price. IF I find it.

How the hell is this policy good for business, or their customers? I can just return the crap and they can be stuck with USED clearance items. Which I did. I returned it and they can go fuck themselves. Ok, I only sort of returned it. They had a display model left, which I purchased at the discounted price, put it in the box from the one I had at home and returned it for the original purchase price. Take that! shitty customer service bastards! Small victory, but a victory just the same.


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  • Spike says:

    I bought a remote control dinosaur for my son which never worked. I couldn't find the receipt, and because the item was not under $70. Target claims they can't do anything about it. I called "Consumer Relations" and 2 other numbers provided. However, all back the same "Target Policy" stating they can't do anything about it. I was an avid target shopper, but today I am now going to take my business elsewhere. I found phone numbers and emails for target CEO and others in executives. Instantly, I received a phone call but still no resolve. I am providing their phone numbers and names here so everyone can email the CEO daily about how target doesn't care about their consumer. Maybe this will help them make a change. Also, I think we should begin to gather support on establishing a "no shopping at Target" day. (maybe the day after Thanksgiving, that'll hurt)
    fax: 612-696-6325

    Denise May

    Bart Butzer, VP Stores: (612)-696-4968
    Christopher Perrigo, VP Target India: (612)-761-0613
    Doug Scovanner, EVP Finance & CFO: (612)-761-6610
    Janet Shalk, EVP Target Tech Services: (612)-304-5155
    Jodee Kolzak, EVP Human Resources: (612)-696-6111
    John Griffith, EVP Property Dev: (612)-761-1487
    Kathee Tesija, EVP Merchandising: (612)-696-6134
    Michael Francis, EVP Marketing: (612)-696-2822
    Mitch Stover, SVP Distribution: (612)-304-2787
    Stacia Andersen, President TSS: (612)-696-2856
    Tim Baer, EVP General Counsel: (612)-696-6648
    Tory Risch, EVP Stores: (612)-696-2476

  • wrighto10 says:

    good ole Target India... way to keep jobs in America you POS company...

  • natgabe716 says:


  • Folnari1 says:

    Dear Target:

    In this time rife with identity theft and invasion of privacy, I find it completely incomprehensible that Target Stores egregiously and routinely violates the privacy of its in-store shoppers. I am passing this
    information along to the ACLU and anyone else who will listen. For my part, even though I've been a Target Customer since I obtained my first Dayton's Charge Account in the late 1970s, I'll not ever again set foot in one of your stores or use your online shopping site. You may call that a loss of approximately $2500 per year in prescriptions and
    merchandise -- a small amount, I know, but $2500 nonetheless.

    I was checking out at the Saint Augustine, Florida store today and there was a bottle of wine in my cart. While I find it silly that your clerks ask an obviously 50+ year old for identification, I've become accustomed to this insignificant inconvenience and produced my driver's license. To my absolute jaw-dropping surprise, the clerk took my driver's license
    and "swiped" it through her register -- collecting every bit of information inscribed in the license's magnetic strip. When I asked her what she was doing, she replied that it was "store policy, yadda, yadda,
    yadda." When I complained to a so-called "manager" at Guest Services, I received the routine namby-pamby fake "good customer service" response -- "we're sorry you feel that way, please come again, etc."

    There's a lot more information on that magnetic strip than just my birthdate. It also contains my driver's license number, address, telephone number, physical description -- information which Target has no right whatsoever to extract from a simple transaction. Further, I neither authorized -- nor would ever authorize -- that information to be included in Target's data mine. Had I known that my personal
    information would be appropriated in this high-handed manner by Target Stores, I would not have purchased the wine. Finally, I signed no consent, received no information about how this stolen information would
    be used, and was given no option to exclude my information from this theft process prior to its occurance.

    You've permanently lost a formerly loyal customer -- and it is my hope that more people will challenge your theft of their personal information. I, for one, will spread the word every place I'm able.

  • baegrl says:

    If it was a sale price they could if adjusted it but clearance isnt considered a sale price ppl clearance is when an item isnt selling much in certain district's -_-


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