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November 5, 2009 - TargetSucks

Stupid Store Policies

I bought an iced-tea maker on clearance. Two days later my friend bought the same one for half the price. I went back to Target with my receipt for them to adjust the price the day after my friend got his. So THREE days after I purchased the iced-tea maker, they told me there was nothing they could do to adjust the price it’s “against their store policy to adjust clearance items.” FUCK THAT! I had it for 3 days and the day before my friend gets it for half the price, what the hell is that about? They told me the only thing I could do is return it for a refund, and let it go through the return process. IF they put it back on the shelf I can repurchase it at the discounted price. IF I find it.

How the hell is this policy good for business, or their customers? I can just return the crap and they can be stuck with USED clearance items. Which I did. I returned it and they can go fuck themselves. Ok, I only sort of returned it. They had a display model left, which I purchased at the discounted price, put it in the box from the one I had at home and returned it for the original purchase price. Take that! shitty customer service bastards! Small victory, but a victory just the same.


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  • death556 says:

    Ok let me start by saying that I absolutely despise target with a burning passion having worked their and be bullied by management for almost 2 years now but I just have to defend them here.
    You can't adjust the clearance prices cause if you could, then their would be nothing from stopping people from buying an item on clearance and just keep bringing the receipt back every week until it drops to 90% clearance. No matter what business you have in retail, adjusting clearance prices like that would COMPLETELY defeat the purpose of clearance items and any store that sells clearance items would lose millions.

    And secondly to the person that commented about being carded for the wine... Are you really that freaking paranoid about your license?!?! I know target sucks but they do not steal any information off your license. Their a company that makes millions of dollars and have no need to steal your identity and the only reason the scan it through the system for your age is cause it's the ONLY, I repeat, ONLY way to continue the transaction unless you wanna wait 5-10 minutes for the manager every single time you purchase an item that cards you and it's to prevent cashiers from not carding properly and letting minors but items they shouldn't be buying.

    Don't get me wrong, I absolutely despise target, but I had to defend these point for not just target, but all of retail. It's just common sense really. -_-

    • TargetSucks says:

      It's actually the opposite of common sense, and it's not a common practice in other companies. Other companies honor their standard price-matching policy. At Target you have to return it completely and try and get it when they put it back on the're an idiot if that makes ANY kind of sense to you.

      • baegrl says:

        The reason we have to return it is bc the system wont recognize it as a sale bc clearance isnt a SALE ...

        • TargetSucks says:

          So you're a dumb cunt, huh? You can return it in the system, and then resell it right there on the spot, except that you're a dumb cunt, in a dumb cunt world where you need to restock the shelf with the crap first. Go fuck yourself for defending such a shitty company and their shitty policies.


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