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January 17, 2017 - KingBigDaddyV

The story of when the DTL called me out

So one day I come into work in the afternoon and I am told to zone toys, which is a little odd since that’s usually what we do on closing shifts. So I’m zoning toys and there are a lot of team members around me, some I don’t recognize. Eventually someone comes over to me and tells me there are people here from other stores to help us get back into shape from the Black Friday disaster, and they say the DTL is here too. So I’m like “ok cool” cause I wasn’t doing anything wrong so there was no need for me to worry or anything, until this happened. One of my team members came by and asked to borrow the PDA I was using. I said sure no problem and they left with my PDA. Now at this time I’m a little under a month into my job so I don’t know where things go and so I decide to go into TSC and grab another device for myself. In the equipment room there is a mydevice with a sticky note on it with the name of the coworker who has my PDA. So I take the mydevice and go back to toys where my coworker was. I don’t see her so I ask another coworker if she knows where she went and then I see her down by HBA. Now, in this store toys is E, hba is A and B and in the middle of those too are domestics C and D. I’ve never seen the DTL before this and he was standing right outside of domestics. So I go to HBA to give my coworker her mydevice in exchange for my PDA, walking right past the DTL. I believe he even said something to me like “do you need help with anything” and I replied “no” because I really didn’t. Had I known it was th DTL I would’ve explained what I was doing. Anyway I get my PDA back and she has her mydevice and so I walk by the DTL again and go back to zoning toys.

the next day I come in and my joke of a team lead pulls me aside and tells me that the DTL claimed I wasn’t working and just walking around the store that day and then I explain the whole situation to my once again joke of a team lead. He says “oh ok well just make sure you are working especially when we have visits” and walks away. So basically because of that day for the rest of my target career I had a bad rep because the DTL saw my “walking around the store and not working”. The end of this story but I have many more to add at a later date.


also I just wanted to point something out, my username on this site is my joke of a team leads gamer tag on Xbox. LOL! How could you ever take someone seriously with that!! What a clown.


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