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October 30, 2015 - cassidy

STL Can Kick Rocks

I’ve been looking at this site for a while now but I’ve never posted anything. I’ve worked at target for half a year, and my husband has worked at the same store location for almost 2 years. More power to him because I’m currently trying to get out of this hell hole. Today pretty much iced my cake though. I had a job interview at Ulta (located right next door to said hell hole) this morning at 11. My husband who is a GSTL/Starbucks team member was currently working a shift at Starbucks. I was like ok instead of wasting gas I’ll just sit at Starbucks until I have my interview and then I’ll go home. I was in the back of Starbucks from 10 to about 10:45 and no one had any shit to say to me. I went to Ulta and they told me they were running behind so could I come back in 20 minutes.. Sure no problem right? I went back to Starbucks and told my husband and sat down at a table, scrolling through Facebook minding my damn business and here comes my STL. “Hey, do you work today?” I replied and told her yes ma’am I do, that I will be here to close at 3. She checks her fucking watch and was like “wow your early huh.” So I told her I was about to head out I was just getting something from husband. She stormed off. I went to my interview, everything was peaches and cream until she said SEASONAL. Though I still took the offer because at least I could hurt target for the holidays. Went back to Starbucks to tell my husband and order a coffee. As he is making my damn drink STL comes back up to me and yells at me to stop hanging out with him and I must leave the store immediately. Mind you she does this is front of other guest. I WAS IN LINE. A PAYING COSUTUMER. I said my byes to my husband and marched my happy ass back to Ulta and discussed the possibly of me being hired permantly. I promised her if I could work their I would put in my two weeks at target today. I’m praying this goes through for me I cannot stand another second looking at her annoying fucking face. She isn’t the only problem, every fucking LOD is an issue. Not to mention the other “team member” that threatened to kill me, or send her daughter to beat me up. (Which no one did anything about but that’s for another possible post.) I really needed to vent and o figured what better place than a community where we all hate the same shit. Closing note, fuck target. *steps off soap box*


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  • TargetBS says:

    Out of sheer curiosity, which Target is this you are referring to in your post? Curious because the Target I had the displeasure of working at was also located next to an Ulta Beauty and had an STL that was very disagreeable and ignorant.


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