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August 13, 2015 - fuckthisshit

Stich Lost

I work at store 1252 in Dayton Ohio my name isn’t important. What is important is the sheer abuse I suffer here. Does anyone know any legitimate way to combat these fucking monsters.


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  • W121 says:

    It's so annoying. I deal with a crappiest upper management as well. All these cart pushing spies do is nag everyone about their commission bonu- WHOOPS I MEAN REDCARDS. Keep tugging along. I know it's difficult and a lot of us feel the same way on here. Just ignore all the bullshit, don't get involved in ANY politics or drama proudly made up by the GSTL's, LOD's, STL's, etc... and keep your mouth SHUT. I got myself in some hot water by complaining about the harassment by these clowns. The result is my hours being all haywire but luckily can be combated by swap shifts. Thank god target still has that implemented otherwise I would have quit months ago.


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