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December 26, 2017 - traget

Souls die here.

Unlike most I don’t hate Target, however I wouldn’t call myself a fan. I started working in electronics as a seasonal employee in October. I initially enjoyed the job because it pays well for retail and my co-workers were nice. I learned quickly and everyone was happy with my work ethic and ability to perform including the gstl and lods. I didn’t like zoning only to have a customer come through the same isle I just cleaned. My favorite parts of the job were interacting with guests and backstocking. I definitely didn’t enjoy other tasks I had to do throughout the day, however it was a job. Point being I liked the job overall, but couldn’t handle too much “Target time” before I would be lifeless. The problems started when they scheduled me outside of my availability. I didn’t make a big deal out of it since I wasn’t busy that day. From there my shifts changed from 4 to 6 hours every few days to 8 to 9 hours Saturday, Sunday, and an 8 hour shift right after school once a week. I had no time to breathe on the weekends. I was always working and although it was within my availability it took a toll on me. I had no rest and couldn’t balance school. I was late to school several times because I didn’t get good sleep. I even got a cold which caused me to call in sick because of my fever. The lod was questioning my sickness which I found unprofessional. I called in the second day because I was still sick and waited on the phone for 30 minutes never to speak to an lod. The next week when I went to work they thought I had quit. I was then scheduled in random departments to make up for not being scheduled. The final straw was when I was scheduled on an 8 hour shift until 12:00 am and then expected to show up the next day at 6:00 am. They aren’t short on staff either. Thanks to Target’s buddy system, I wouldn’t even arrive home until 12:30 am. By the time I was asleep it was after 1:00 am. I slept through my alarm to show up for my next shift. I understand I messed up, but I can’t help think scheduling wasn’t handled well. I became burnt out from long back to back shifts for a part time job. The lack of ability to be as social as I could be in other jobs also got to me on those long shifts. All but around 3 of my co-workers were very weird people. The management was very nice expect for one lod. So as I said, I don’t hate Target. I don’t blame anyone who does.

Hope you enjoyed the story of my Target experience.


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  • Tarshitreeks says:

    Try googling Target 2.8 million dollars EEOC n you’ll be happy to not be the slave of a stupid corporate.

  • poohbear80 says:

    By law you are supposed to have 8 hours in between shifts. If they scheduled you until 12am and then scheduled you to come back in at 6am that is illegal.

    • MrSharkNasty says:

      That's simple a myth. I seen it post a lot but there is not law regarding that. GOOGLE!

      • MrSharkNasty says:

        Forigve me for my typos, but I repeat there are no law about 8-hours between shifts. If there are any it's at the state level so it would depend on your state, but still very unlikely. Just google. Lots of people make statements around here or ask questions that google can quickly correct.


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