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August 8, 2013 - Chris. 349

Sometimes working at Target is make work.

Working as a Cart Attendant can be tolerable. Unless some high in the sky LOD is on your case. One of the worst things about working the Cart Attendant job is that supervisors and “guests” expect you to dry off the carts whenever it rains. Okay I dry them off, but get this, that isn’t even satasfactory anymore. Whenever it rains I’m hassled about putting dry carts near the isle where Starbucks is. This requires me to rearrange the entire lot of carts. Taking already dry carts near the cart pusher and repositioning them on the other side of the cart area, this of course eats up time I could be using for other things. This is just a bunch of make work. I don’t see what’s wrong with just drying the carts and putting them in any lane I choose. Besides, no matter how well I dry the carts I always get this trademark remark from the “guests” “This cart is wet.” I chuckle everytime they whine this line out like a cat that just had it’s foot stepped on. I mean they just walked through rain to get in the store and they’re suprised that there’s still water on the carts. One time I had to say this after I heard the whinging about a cart being wet, “That’s what happens when it rains,” I got the nastiest look. But seriously, I shouldn’t have to explain why rain makes things wet.


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  • viciousdave says:

    Fuck the people. They are screwed up in the heads. It's enough hassle and determination to bust your ass to get all the carts inside with all the people using them. No matter how fast you are, sometimes you just can't catch up with all of the carts because there is a maximum in the store. They should be thanking you, you keep getting them in for others to keep using. People never ever think about how exhausted and torn we are from pushing and gathering all those carts together on the mechanic device and than unloading and over again. It's sweaty, nasty, hard, exhausting work. When others tell me dry this, why isn't there carts on front. I don't even say anything, sometimes I say, how about you thank me for my exhausting work, I am fuming with sweat. People never ever appreciate real hard work, real work indeed, leads don't do any work, and they don't even come to lanes on time, they take forever! How about they do some exhausting work!

  • Chris. 349 says:

    I agree with you, the guests should thank the cart attendants. I have to admit, sometimes I get a real chuckle out of hearing the "guests" whine about wet carts, because that's what you get for being so stupid.


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