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May 29, 2014 -

Somethings I’ve learned in less than a month working for Target

Getting assistance with the additional assistance button doesn’t work.  I will push that button when I need help and there will be NO response.  But let me speak up and get a GSTLs attention the old school way, and I get coached for yelling.

And God forbid I ask for someone to help a customer with patio furniture and a full shopping cart of groceries to his/her car.  I mean I would GLADLY help them if it meant getting off a register for 5 damn minutes!

And don’t think of getting 30 seconds to get your register together and make sure you have bags before you have customers being sent to you.

Sometimes, you have to just take matters into your own hands.  If the GSTL doesn’t want to respond to you needing help, give the customer a Target coupon and keep on going.

NOBODY WANTS REDCARDS! I meant nobody.  I’ve gotten 3 apps in a month and only 2 got approved.  I half the time don’t even ask either.  The apps I’ve gotten have been people asking ME about it.

I’ve learned as a cashier, you are truly the most clueless person in the store, and it isn’t your fault.  Most days cashiers don’t walk past the check lanes. So we are the LAST people you need to ask about where something is and what is on sale, we haven’t a clue.

You may have to wait 30 minutes or more to get change for your register!  That one really annoys me.  If I run out of pennies, I start rounding up to nearest 5.

You get little to NO training. I am at least lucky enough to have TM that are willingly nice and helpful to me should I need assistance.  GSTLs will just act like you’ve asked them to move a mountain.  Because they are SO busy standing there with their breakaways.

Breaks. Yeah.  Those can be a joke. I have gone over 3.5 hours before getting my first break.  Then due to that, I will take my lunch and only have an hour before I leave, thus not getting my second break.  I’ve started taking 20 minute breaks since they wanna think I am not human and don’t need to sit down.

It’s sad that in a month I’ve already learned to expect nothing and be grateful if given anything.




  • ipoptart says:

    I use to call the GSTLs and TL out on stuff they did wrong, so they would skip my breaks, wait 2 hours to give me change, and hound me about redcards. They also would keep me at the store till 3-4 in the morning knowing I had to walk home. Asking for help, training, or even a break makes the GSTLs seem to want revenge.

  • fucktarget says:

    Training!!! Bwahahahaha!!! This was cashier training at my store. The new employee stands next to another cashier(doesn't matter if that cashier has been there a week or 10 years). The new cashier watches about 5 transactions. Then is told that the register is very easy and, basically, walks you through the transaction. The new employee rings up a couple of customers, fuck them they are not guests, while "experienced" employee watches. After that, new employee is thrown on registers. SINK OR SWIM BITCHES!

  • Sasquatch says:

    oh this is just spot on. my training was read this book(tells you nothing) and watch this person. then you get your own register. alot of my time as cashier i'll get a customer who gets mad at me if i don't know how to do something and try to call gstl. only one of my gstl's is fantastic but he isn't scheduled same time as me alot. cart attendant is the only thing i got trained for(good trainer) but then i get yelled and get a "talking" to by the lod/gstl if i just focus on carts all day if i close and not worry about the hangers and abandons. and if i do the abandons/hangers and the carts get low, i get yelled at for it. there is no way to please them. you get yelled at for everything. what they have us do for carts is to much. it wouldn't be if the target wasn't so damn crowded all day and people weren't assholes

  • coolatina101 says:

    You're lucky if you have to wait 30 minutes to get your change. They're will be times when I will never get the change I requested.


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