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December 14, 2014 - buttsforsale

Softline Zoning.

Customers are trash. (Also I refuse to call them guests, they’re fucking customers, suck it up Target) They waltz through every area in softlines on their phones, picking up shirts, knocking things off racks, don’t give two shits. Anyways I was zoning through men one night after my fucking car got a flat, and I was in a terrible mood as it was, and mens was a goddamn mess as usual. I was going through, hadn’t been in there for more than 45 minutes or so and was almost done. LoD asks me where I am over walkie. I tell her I’m nearly done. Instead of replying over the walkie, she comes over to me in person. She tells me outright that I shouldn’t have been zoning for more than 15 minutes. She claimed I was in there for over an hour already. She leaves. I cry like a bitch, already feeling like shit and still kind of new to the store, so yeah, definitely needed that negative reinforcement, bitch. Fucking LoDs think they know goddamn everything, would you like to fold every single table, size everything on the racks, and pick up all the FUCKING. EMPTY. STARBUCKS CUPS. JESUS CHRIST PEOPLE THROW THAT SHIT AWAY. ~sigh~ Glad I got that all off my chest. Though to be fair, I love my coworkers. Just the LoDs seem to expect way too much >.> And quite the superiority complexes runnin’ rampant. This site is amazing btw. (Also don’t ask about the username idk why I made it that lolz)


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  • TargetSucks says:

    I would guess you made that your username because you feel like target bends you over. Coincidentally, that's also a username on here. 🙂

  • viciousdave says:

    They expect you to do the whole mens clothes section in 15 minutes? BWAH HAHAHAHAHA! YEAH FUCKING RIGHT. FUCK THEM UP THE GOD DAMN ASS! Clothes fold, waste throw away, more clothes, pants, tons of pants off the clips. I just help sometimes back in softlines for some help if cashier area is super slow, one night with softlines crew member regular, it took an hour to do the baby section along with bras for women section. They didn't complain to me. But god damn, 15 minutes to do one whole section? Yeah, like anyone can do it that fast for one whole section. Screw them shit heads.

    • buttsforsale says:

      EXACTLY. There is NO way that a single person can zone through mens (or any softline area to be honest!!) in 15 minutes, it is complete horse shit! Then again, that LoD also, on my first morning of setting up ad, and my first time meeting her, asked the group of us if anyone had set up ad before. And since I had done the exact same thing at Shopko a few years back, I brought this up. Her first words to me were "yeah well this is Target, so." fucking bitch.

  • gladImjustseasonal says:

    15 minutes? Holy Crap! I spent two hours zoning accessories alone the other day! Sometimes I just watch these people - "I don't like this scarf (tosses on the ground), I don't like this scarf (tosses it on the ground), I don't like this scarf (tosses on the ground). Oh this one is nice! (Tosses it in cart, only to discard it 15 minutes later in intimates)."

    I almost always close and so all I do is zone. I don't know if that means I'm a crappy worker (since it doesn't take a rocket scientist to fold clothes), but I make my zone last all night!

    • buttsforsale says:

      Dude exactly! And ditto there, though my LoDs like to have zone finished by like 8 for some fucked up reason, and then we do reshop for the rest of the night or do random bullshit that is really, really boring... Also, do you get the people who grab 8 different hats and 9 different gloves, try them on in front of a mirror, then leave those 17 things there because none of them fit/looked right? Because those kind of people are ~awesome~...

      • viciousdave says:

        They gotta be stupid. By 8? Well my store TLs do the same thing kind of. All the sales floor members are gone by 9 anyway, so some back room members get to do electronics and 2 guys/gals for sales floor. Plus it's like, hello, we've got 20 carts of put away stock back out onto the floor. Hmm, yeah, we can get it done before 11PM when we close, NOT! It's only 9 and we got 20 carts of sales floor stock to put away, yeah, like 4 to 5 maybe, 2 cashier sent back and usually I'm the one for the lanes helping the few people in the store and sometimes busy up to the front to help again with the people. Than there's like 10 to 15 left and we don't get yelled at usually, we all just say too many lazy guests, nobody is gonna get that many done, GSTL says yeah I know, I don't blame yeah, we'll get it done in the morning with sales floor crew. I don't why but it's like I always close the store as the last cashier, it's like ok cool, I always get an extra 10 to 15 minutes a night than because we always get 2 to 3 after 11 PM women and a guy who are late late late last second out and other cashiers just leave and never wait for those last second people. It's fine with me, than I get closer to my 40 hours.

        • viciousdave says:

          I don't see how anybody can dislike my last comment. I'm offering Target my further service to them. I'm offering them an extra time to help them with extra guests. Yes I'm getting more pay for it as work is pay, it's illegal to work more and not get paid for it as that would lead to illegal actions within my state as all work is required to be paid for. Again, I'm offering Target more time to serve them and the people. That's a good thing, not bad.


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