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December 17, 2013 - JustASlaveUntilTheMusicPays

So This Happened..

My day in review: some asshole stole my water. A water clearly marked with my name and initials. A water, one water out of… Gosh, I don’t know, 150 in the break room (and that’s probably on the low end). Then, I take to the lanes twice, without being asked. Because I actually care about providing customer service. No “way to show initiative!”, after bitching yesterday that I don’t show initiative. I’m surprised I wasn’t reprimanded for being “derelict in my duties”, but I’m sure that will come tomorrow. Then, I have to call for someone to take over my register since it’s time for me to go home. I called 3, maybe 4 times. No response. Ten minutes later, someone comes up and says they would take over. I have no real problem working past the clock (but it would be great if I got paid for it. Even if it’s just from a cumulative total of all the extra minutes I’ve stuck around to help out), but what bugged me was the fact that I turned the light OFF. Yet customers still came to ring their shit up. Like HELLO, MY LIGHT IS OFF THAT MEANS GO TO THE NEXT LANE SO I CAN GO HOME. Then as I’m ringing up the stoned asshole, he says “Hey, why is your light off?”… Then finally, as I’m returning my walkie, I get a very terse little reprimand from the worst LOD EVER who quite rudely informs me that I’m supposed to sign the equipment in and out, and not accept any equipment from someone else without signing for it. She says like I should have known. A) Like with everything else, NOBODY FUCKING TOLD ME THAT. B) She is the ONLY one who enforces this rule. With the exception of keys, and the 3-5 goody two shoes that sign out their walkies, NOBODY SIGNS OUT ANYTHING. And even with keys, we swap all the time. We swap walkies all the time. Nobody else makes a thing of it except her. We never lose them and always return them.

I mean nothing. My soul is dead.




  • Silverfox says:

    tell them sorry but you're closed and please go to the next lane. You're supposed to say something. Your fault if you don't say anything. And if you have a line up. Tell your last customer in line to tell the customers behind her that you're closed.

    • TargetSucks says:

      Not that I shop at target, but if I was the last person in line, I would ignore the cashier's request. I don't, and won't ever, work at target. It's not my responsibility to guide front lane traffic.


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