Yes, I did immediately notice that it is hectic and I was expected to know the job right away- fuck being properly trained. The 2nd day I got register “training.” That consisted of me getting on a register and ringing up customers..oh no, omg, excuse me, I mean GUESTS while someone helicoptered over my every move. I was left alone for 3 hours on that damn register until this bitch-ass lead chic that is the loss prevention lead comes to get me telling me,”This is NOT where you belong right now! You need to go to softlines where you are actually supposed to be working!” No shit ho, really!?

I spent my 3 weeks in that store running around all over the place. Everyday it was: Answer guest’s ?’s over the phone (“How much are your Monster High girl’s roller skates gonna be on sale for this weekend?”) while assisting fitting room guests because the fitting room operator is on break, go get the re-shop from guest services and put it out along with all the goddamn clothes people from the fitting rooms keep trying on, take guests to the items they are looking for (bc that’s the Target way of doing it) instead of pointing or simply telling them where it is, get stopped by guests that need help finding shit while on my way to help check out guests in response to that stupid announcement (every hour) over that goddamn walkie I have attached to my hip, then get yelled at because I didn’t respond to the call over the walkie that that fat-ass back room lead wants me to come get a softlines pull, then I’ll go back to get that pull (that’s piled so high shits fucking falling off as I try to push it out) but I’ll get stopped in the middle of putting it out on the sales floor because this other piece of shit LOD wants me to complete  a 4×4 of the back half of softlines and has the nerve to tell me I CAN’T go home until it’s finished after I explained to her that I have 3 unfinished jobs laying around already that I can’t get to and she wants to talk down to me like I’m a child or something?! Bitch please! Do it your damn self! That’s when I cussed her out, clocked out, went home, and had myself a beer. Ungrateful fucking slave drivers.

This kind of shit is exactly why I cussed that old fat bitch out yesterday and just went home. I had enough bullshit for one day. ALL the “leads” at that store are absolute CUNTS!!! Take your $8 an hour and shove it up your stink holes!